♪Achilles Last Stand – Led Zep

Jeez, JPJ’s baseline galloping in perfect unison with Bonzo’s thunderous drums, Plant’s LoTRs Nordic spirit leading the way… this song is unbeatable! 🙂


Say what you want about LZ live. Jimmy could be very loose. True. Heroin fouled up some of his playing. True. Sometimes his improvisations were off the mark. True. And with all that said, he is still the greatest rock guitar player ever. He went places NO other player even tried, either out of fear or lack of ability. He could do it all and was sometimes the first one to do it. So many subtle tricks he used that unless you are a guitar player, you don’t even know he is doing them. I was watching Achillies Last Stand recently and I have seen it a hundred times. But I never noticed him doing thumb pull offs! It was so perfect. So quick. Simply the Best!
Mac Anoodough
You can’t make magic if you don’t take chances. Unfortunately that means not all the chances you take will make magic. But I’d have it no other way. Nice post.
Jay Dee
His rawness is one of the best things about it. And, he was fearless about his rawness. He chose not to hide behind multiple studio takes or the safe prescribed solo. He went for it all the time and you got it all. And by listening, even the “mistakes” are beautiful in that you can hear where he was going……………………or at least some of us can.