Krystal and Saagar: Superdelegates admit flagrant plan to take the nomination from Bernie

More proof the fix is in to sideline Bernie:


Random Acts of Cruelty
“Bernie had a big hand in writing those rules.” That’s false. Bernie wanted to eliminate super delegates altogether but Hillary’s people – who were a majority – overruled him. Elizabeth Warren continues to prove what a snake she is.
Operation Power
I feel like we’re all just watching her dig her political grave at this point.
Mark Whippy
When she said “that was Bernie’s position in 2016” he should have said “I’m asking YOU about YOUR position in 2020”. Don’t let her distract from the question.
Yes. She distracted and pivoted just like every other Piece of Shit (yes, let’s just say it) politician out there who doesn’t care about democracy or the needs of the people. I used to think Warren was not like that, but she has convicted herself over and over again with shit positions just like in this video that reveal how progressive she is NOT. Warren is a POSer.
Thomas Gabriel
That’s really a lie too, in 2016 Bernie was trying to release the superdelegates in the states he won. And almost all the superdelegates were pledged to Hillary before a single vote was cast and that absolutely swayed some voters from going to him
The Hillary-fication of Warren is almost complete.
Matthew Geissinger
And who is clapping 👏 for her crap. She is so disappointing and disingenuous. Get rid of audiences for these things and have fact checkers there to call out this crap immediately.
She lied about Sanders position on superdelegates. He wanted to get rid of all of them. 🐍
BLAIR M Schirmer
It’s far worse than you think–it’s not just that they’re going to steal the nomination if Bernie has a plurality of delegates, it’s that they’re going to steal the nomination even if Bernie has a majority of delegates. –For example, they will release the Superdelegates in time for the 1st round of Convention voting.
Samuel Bulow
Superdelegates: “we’d rather never win another election again than have Bernie as President.”
Iraq Lobster
“So this is how liberty dies… With thunderous applause.”

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