Krystal Ball: How the media will weaponize identity politics post South Carolina

The Democratic Party is a corporation whose shareholders are protecting their interests. The Democratic Party’s policies towards democratic principles and the underclass are just an advertising campaign.


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Why do we even have primaries then, if the ‘party’ decides the nominee? I am totally disgusted with DNC … not that I wasn’t before.


Brian H
Which begs the question, why does Bernie continue to run as a Democrat? You have to question soundness of someone who does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.
Blessing John Chelliah
@BerningUp If the goal is to find a candidate who can beat Trump and at the same time not lose the House, then the DNC has a say in who is the best candidate to do that. Since there are more centrist democrats than progressives in the country , and since Bernie is at heart an Independent who may poll more than a centrist candidate, but may by being at the top of ticket cause a loss of the House, the DNC may use the super delegates to nominate a centrist candidate (possibly Biden or Bloomberg who are both polling 8 points more than Trump). The DNC could also listen to the advice of Democratic senators, none of whom are supporting Bernie currently. This, of course is a gamble, as it may be hard to disregard Bernie, if he polls higher than a centrist candidate If Bernie is given the nomination but loses the general election after winning the nomination, it may further fracture the party needlessly. Since there are more centrists than progressives, the DNC has to make an administrative decision. The there is the current stock market crash to consider. Will the stock market stabilize with a socialist at the top of the ticket, or will it slide down turn further

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Exactly why Progressive are trying to break away from that corrupt AKA swamp.
@Blessing John Chelliah Well, you are certainly explaining the mechanics and rational for the Democratic-Party-as-corporation model well. I could support this admission more, if they just done away with the primaries. Drop the facade of democracy, and say, look, stay home, don’t canvass or volunteer because THE Democratic Party administration has already chosen “our guy”. On the other hand, those who support democratic principles figure that the voters understand who can better rule them compared to vested interests.

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Sean McCoy
They have been laying the ground for that narrative for the whole primary. This is why you really haven’t seen too many stories on the Latino Vote or young people vote but they always seem to have talked about the black vote in South Carolina.
Ishmael Cato
The black guy in this video is Anton Gunn who is a Healthcare consultant. As soon as this sellout opened his mouth in this video I had to check his money trail. He’s in the bag with the pharmaceuticals just like Buttigieg.

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