Saagar Enjeti: Republican shocks GOP establishment by swearing off big money

Saagar Enjeti says Congressman Matt Gaetz made the right move by rejecting PAC money. That’s one Republican, couple of hundred more to go….


Turd Furgeson
Gaetz is smart enough to see that this populism is the way to grass root support. Bernie’s effect is now reaching across the aisle. He’s lining up for a presidential run in 2024…mark my words.
What!? A Republican that swears off big money…? That sounds like: “A junkie that swears off heroin” LOL!
John Herrington
Gaetz is in a unique position in his district: DCCC won’t fund an opponent because they consider it a waste of effort, and any R challengers are a repeat cast of village idiots who pose no credible threat to his incumbency. On its face this looks like a principled position, it, like much of the rest of his positions, is empty.

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