Nomiki Konst explains the new rules for the Democratic convention

Nomiki Konst previews how convention chaos will play out


Gregory Lopes
The DNC is completely GROSS. This sort of anti-democratic, anti-voter bullshit only feeds into Trump’s case for re-election.
Arctic Ruffner
🤨 Steny Hoyer was caught on tape saying Dems fix primaries and Pelosi defended it. The DCCC has banned contractors from working for primary challengers. The DNC purged progressives from its boards. It was literally purchased by the Clinton campaign during the primary! Hillary Clinton said Med4All “will never, ever happen!”. Corp. Dems lost in every area of government (state and federal) over 1000 seats, only winning one back when running against a near-literal Pennywise.
B. Greene
Let’s face facts: the establishment DNC is made up entirely of Republicans posing as opposition to their true party in an effort to keep the actual Left out of office while maintaining the illusion that we “live in a democracy” and have choices. They absolutely must be destroyed if citizens want ANY representation in their government.
Nathan Hamilton
These establishment figures aren’t loyal to the party they are loyal to their revenue stream. Bernie threatens both their access to power and their wallets. They would rather see the party burn than allow Bernie to win.
Antenna Wilde
They have to know that stealing the nomination from Sanders will undoubtedly cost them the election. So they prefer Trump over Sanders. The democrats are republicans, and not even moderate republicans. Shameful betrayal of the working class.
B. Greene
Antenna Wilde Truth. They are paid to lose. They are Republicans posing as their own opposition in order to keep the actual Left out of office while maintaining the illusion of choice.
Rubber Soul
Antenna Wilde .. absolutely correct. The 35 year reign of the corporate Democratic Party has indeed betrayed the working class.
Mr October
Under Trump those Dems get to keep their tax cuts.
Chavo Chavez
You’re exactly right! Everybody already knows that the Dems and there supporters all hate Bérnié and the movement. This is exactly why Bérnié needs to defect and leave the Democrat party behind. His Socialist movement can stand alone and WIN. The support of the elite corrupt Dems, the MSM and all their loyal fake liberal Dem voters is NOT needed, and definitely NOT wanted! It’s time for the Democrat party to crash and burn.
Adzter 96
At least it’d be out in the open and everyone would have to know the Democrats aren’t progressive just Liberal because they don’t hate gay people
Graywalker Vet4Tulsi
They are only acting in their own best interests, as some would say ~%~Aloha~%~
Antenna Wilde
@Chavo Chavez If he gets into the White House the DP will once again be the working class party, and there will be no need to start a new party. He will ACTUALLY drain the swamp.
Chavo Chavez
@Antenna Wilde You make an excellent point, but there’s one problem… IF … IF he gets in… This movement can’t again rely on IF! It did last time and the Dems screwed Bérnié. The constant downplaying of this socialist ideology and movement to appease the moderate, wishy-washy liberal Dem voters are what’s holding him back and making him weak.
Antenna Wilde
@Chavo Chavez If he has the most delegates and they screw him at the convention I am all for an Independent run. However, Bernie wouldn’t do that, plain and simple. And even if he did, he wouldn’t be on the ballot in several states, the infrastructure isn’t there.
Chavo Chavez
@Antenna Wilde Yeah, you’re probably right, which is incrediblely frustrating. And you said because of the lack of infrastructure he won’t be on the ballot in some states, why is that, you don’t think this grassroots socialist movement that Bernie has created is strong enough?