♫ Sweet Caroline ♫

One of the best songs of all time, written & performed by the incomparable Neil Diamond.
That signature horn arrangement accentuating Sweet Caroline is pure genius! ‘Nuff said ❤

Filosofa's Word

Neil Diamond wrote this song about his wife … Marcia.  Yeah, I know … Caroline is not exactly the same as Marcia, but Neil apparently already had the music written and needed a three-syllable name, so he pulled the name Caroline out of his … er … hat, and thus was the song named.  Neil and Marcia divorced in 1995 … gee, I wonder why.

Now, according to SongFacts …

Neil Diamond is a great manipulator of the media, and has shifted his story about this song to fit the occasion. There was longtime speculation that the song is about Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of the American president John F. Kennedy. Diamond has since revealed that this Caroline gave him the idea for the name, but had nothing to do with the song’s inspiration.

In 2007, however, Diamond performed the song via satellite at Caroline Kennedy’s 50th birthday party, and…

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EARTH SHIFT & GLOBAL IMBALANCE: Earth’s ENERGY Portals and Vortexes & How they Turn Light or Dark

Wonderful information Lada, from a highly evolved multi-dimensional, spiritual POV! Blessings ❤

Futurist Trendcast

“In reality, it is the harmony between light and dark, or yin and yang, that creates the necessary balance, and therefore supports life, expands consciousness and facilitates a better future. 

The truth is that it is a severe imbalance of yin/yang and light/dark that is creating catastrophic situations on our planet. The problem of the Earthly human society is that we have a severe imbalance of the yin and yang energies, which is what creates the preponderance ofnegatively charged dark energy. This is where the true problem lies, and this is whyRussia – the Great Balancerhas such a hard time trying to keep this world spinning.” 


This article was first written and published 4 years ago, in April of 2017. Not only it revealed the deep multidimensional truths, but it predicted what would happen today!

Mar 4, 2020

Seeker has asked me how and why some places…

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Bernie Needs New Strategy For Biden His “Good Friend” #TheJimmyDoreShow

Explosive politically incorrect TRUTH from Jimmy…..

Quigle- Dorf
The only thing progressive about Joe Biden is his dementia.
P.S. Visual
If Bernie is serious about changing this country, he needs to stop blowing Biden and go on the attack.
Jason Webb
There is NOTHING democratic about the democratic party.
Radek Piskorski
They prefer guy with dementia then bernie, absolutely insane wtf?! $$$$$