Saagar Enjeti: Joe Biden’s presidency would be a dire threat to workers

This piece should be required viewing for every citizen qualified to vote. Our plutocratically controlled election system is rigged to give the ppl an appearance of choice, when in reality the establishment elites have already won when they have 2 old white men running for leadership, and either one will fight to keep their interests, power & control. At the same time pacifying the sheeple with lies, false hope, righteous moral highground rhetoric and illusion of choice.

Don’t bother Mr. Anderson, [the sheeple] they’re already dead….

Tulsi Qualifies For Debate & DNC Excludes Her Anyway #TheJimmyDoreShow

DNC keeps changing the “Democratic” debate rules for candidates. For billionaires like Mike B, no need to meet min. number of individual contribution, just “donate” $300K to the DNC coffers and voila…. you qualify!

For Tulsi Gabbard, the original rules to qualify for the debate stage is every candidate must win at least 1 delegate, but now voila… Tulsi needs more to qualify? Could it possibly be b/c Tulsi has the nerve to call out the Establishment & Party BS??

WTF kind of banana republic are we living in, the democratic establishment is so blatantly corrupt and dishonest, they don’t even try to hide it anymore!!  Fall of Rome ppl, we are now witnessing the fall of another rotten empire!!!

Trump is now guaranteed another 4 years as the elites have determined the presidential outcome, and our collective fates. Another sham election, surprise surprise. 😦

Justin Liu
BREAKING: DNC has released the rules for the next debate: Required delegates: whatever Tulsi has + 1


They smear and exclude Tulsi because nothing hurts like the truth.
nancy kurtz
Why ever bother having a dnc primary ever again. It’s just for them to make money, not about candidate choices
You Tube
She destroyed Kamala for human rights abuses. She destroyed Hilary ‘Queen of Warmongers’. She’d destroy Biden for corruption and the DNC can’t allow that.


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Bruce Marmy
Mike Ryan didn’t know who attacked us on 911, Tulsi schooled him at a debate. He didn’t recover either. Truth like a mighty sword, in the hand of a servant of the lord. Time to split


Stephen L'Heureux
@Bruce Marmy lol I forgot about that one. Man she was a candidate slayer.


Shamino Ranger
She’s like a sniper, picking them off slowly but surely, one by one. She would easily take out Trump too if the DNC would allow her to take the shot. Killshot M-fkrs!
L. A. Draper
Tulsi – the Slayer of would be kings. I didn’t know much about her until the dnc started sticking it to her. I like Tulsi.
Joseph Barclay Ross
Tulsi should be Bernie’s VP, then he won’t get assassinated.
Mark Time
I’ve rarely seen Jimmy so angry. We need more Jimmies! The DNC is dead.


K Kroeger
I will NEVER vote for Joe “Low IQ” Biden. Never.


John Baugh
Tulsi is my choice to run with Bernie, we need a knee capper on board, SANDERS/GABBARD 2020
Joey Jojo
The DNC is done on my books. I’m now independent. I like Tulsi because she’s gangsta with the truth.


Awake & Aware KFH
It literally bothers me to my core that we finally have a candidate in Tulsi whom not only truly wants to make not only America a much better place but the whole world as well. The only person with the courage to actually openly address a lot of the most serious issues that NO-ONE even dares to mention. She’s also the only one who doesn’t get pushed around or silenced by the establishments bully tactics and smears. Not only does she not get bullied but she handles it with such grace and skill in a way that only reinforces she is truly special. There has never been another person that I’ve ever seen in my experience that comes close to this amazing women. It just kill’s me that the vast majority of people are so distracted, ignorant & conditioned to even be aware of the rare special opportunity we’ve let slip right through our hands in regards to Tulsi. If anyone thinks that its gonna be easier 4 years from now you are disillusioned. In 4 more years from now the whole lock down on free speech, the total control & manipulation of information, forced mass vaccinations ( which is more of an issue of losing your right to decide what YOU choose to put or not put in your own body) ,more losses of our rights and privacy, the next big false flag event, the eradication of cash, 5g, ecta,….. ecta…..yeah good luck in turning this around 4 years from now. It ain’t gonna be any bit a easier than it already isn’t now. The corruption is so freaking obvious! How can people not see it or just plain not feel concerned by the insanity. Maybe I am alone here maybe I am over reacting but sadly I feel that as usual…” I am always right in the wrong way.”

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Gabriele Beimler
Jimmy: “Tulsi Qualifies For Debate & DNC Excludes Her Anyway” TYT: “Why is she even still in the race?” It’s so easy to see who’s actually principled.


Chad Boltz
If ever a party deserved to lose an election it is THIS version of the Democrat party. As for Tulsi, there is a home for her elsewhere.


Michael Washington
When the Dems lose with Biden I will still be that last man on a hill screaming that Tulsi would have won. I honestly can’t understand what the Dems are doing to her


margotina j
The DNC are fools. Tulsi is the only person who could give Trump a run for his money

American politics is a Ponzi scheme and that’s how Michelle Obama could become the next US president

By Robert Bridge

March 05, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – The Democrats have promoted a long list of pretenders to the throne, like Beto, Buttigieg and Bloomberg, only to watch each one flame out spectacularly. Has all the empty hype been mere dress rehearsal for the main attraction?

In every Democratic debate, the elephant in the room came in the form of a question, ‘Do the Democrats really think they can beat Trump with this rogues’ gallery of political hacks?’ If they aren’t too young and inexperienced, like the ex mayor of South Bend, then they are too old and feeble-minded, like the lead candidate who just declared he was running for the US Senate. If they aren’t a bald-faced liar, like a certain fake native American, they are a brutally honest socialist who freely admits he will confiscate your hard-earned earnings once elected.

From the beginning, the Democrats have been desperate to make up for what they lacked in raw talent with sheer numbers. They flooded the debate stage with a record-breaking 29 candidates, many of them virtual unknowns (Moulton, Inslee or Hickenlooper, anyone?). Just three of the pageant’s contestants are still standing today: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard, who, with her single delegate may actually get to participate in the debates again. Elizabeth Warren has reportedly dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary.

What is most startling about this cycle’s nomination process, aside from the Iowa caucus fiasco, is how lightning fast the political fortunes have turned. Just last week, it looked as though the horse race would come down to a photo finish between Buttigieg and Sanders.

That did not materialize, of course, and here is where the US political system is beginning to resemble an elaborate Ponzi scheme whereas Americans ‘invest’ in a particular candidate only to have that person jump ship, forcing their supporters to go with the next ‘investment’ higher up the food chain.

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Ponzi schemes are a godsend for people who get in and out early while the potential for profit is high. For those left holding the bag when the bottom falls out, however, it’s not a pleasant experience.

The obvious example is Pete Buttigieg, a guest of honor at many a billionaire wine-cellar events who racked up over $100 million from wealthy donors while enjoying non-stop media exposure, the majority of it super positive. Yet Buttigieg abandoned all hope on the eve of Super Tuesday just because Joe Biden managed to win South Carolina. Really? Shortly later, media mogul Michael Bloomberg, who blew more than half a billion dollars on a massive ad blitz that only bought him American Samoa, followed in lock step behind Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar into early retirement.

Unfortunately for the former investors of Buttigieg, Bloomberg and Klobuchar, they are forced to hedge their bets on none other than Joe Biden, 77, a man who appears to be exhibiting all the trademark signs of senility. As just a quick sampler, the former vice president recently proclaimed he was gearing up for “Super Thursday,” while confusing his wife Jill for his sister Valerie during a rally.

While the establishment and media shrugs off Biden’s slow-motion detachment from a safe space known as reality, they must be aware that he stands little chance of defeating Trump in November. And here is where it seems the Democrats may be cooking up a plan to keep their grand Ponzi scheme alive and, just maybe, win the White House back.

Michelle Obama, the Democrats’ secret weapon?

At first glance, the idea that the former First Lady to President Barack Obama could have any chance as a presidential contender may seem a bit wild. Yet is it any less wild that a former bartender named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, at the age of 29, was elected to Congress where she is now shaking up Washington with radical left ideology? Or that the Swedish child activist, Greta Thunberg, without the benefit of a biology degree, has won international fame –and notoriety– by lecturing the global movers and shakers on climate change? Could the same sort of good fortune, combined with a ton of media hype, be bestowed upon Michelle Obama? Steve Bannon, chief executive of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and former White House strategist, is one person who thinks it is possible.

“Michelle Obama could come in at the last second at the convention for a salvation of the Democratic Party,” Bannon said in an interview on the David Brody podcast. “I think the Democrats will turn to anybody that thinks they can save their party.”

To lend some credence to Bannon’s prediction, a February poll by Stanford’s Hoover Institution asked over 1,500 California residents who they would like to see as Vice President on the Democratic ticket. Michelle Obama attracted 31 percent support, far ahead of Kamala Harris (19 percent) and Amy Klobuchar (18 percent).

It should be mentioned that Michele Obama has commented in the past that there is “zero chance” she would ever run for president but, then again, Donald Trump also denied presidential ambitions before deciding to run.

It should not be forgotten that the Obamas, much like the Clintons, are the closest thing to gilded royalty inside of the Democratic palace. In July, Michelle Obama, coming on the heels of a nationwide book tour, was ranked “the most admired woman in the world” in a poll conducted by the market research firm YouGov.

The former first lady edged out Oprah Winfrey (2), Hillary Clinton (8), and even Queen Elizabeth II (4). And although there were numerous things to dislike about the two-term Obama presidency – a disastrous war in Libya, for example– the media never stopped fawning over America’s first Black president. The glowing coverage continues today as the media reinforces the idea that Barack and Michelle somehow enjoy the moral high ground over Trump and his ‘deplorables.’

“Obama’s aspirational tone gives the former first lady a high moral position within the party and American life,” The Hill wrote in late 2018, predicting that Michelle will eventually become “one of the most sought-after surrogates for Democrats trying to defeat Trump in 2020.”

Are those credentials enough to magically turn Michelle Obama loose against Trump in November, at the very least as a running mate with Joe Biden, assuming he doesn’t utter a gaffe too far before then, which is certainly a high probability? Personally, I think it is. With the full backing of the media industrial complex, together with the deep pockets of the wealthiest Americans, Democratic voters could easily be drummed into an absolute state of frenzy over Michelle that would make Trump Derangement Syndrome resemble the common cold.

In that case, the world’s greatest Ponzi scheme, which would bring together the supporters of the Democratic Party’s 29 former presidential hopefuls, could actually succeed in delivering the United States its first woman president in 2020, and the downfall of Donald Trump. Stranger things have happened in the world of politics.

Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. He is the author of the book, ‘Midnight in the American Empire,’ released in 2013. Follow him on Twitter @Robert_Bridge – Source

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