Is The DNC Hidin’ Biden ???

Absolute Buffoon
Biden is going to forget he’s running for President
Andrew Hawes
I’m really looking forward to the next “debate”: “This question is for Joe Biden: What was it like working side by side with the first black man to become President of the United States?” “Next question is for Bernie Sanders: My family comes from Cuba. We had to eat my father when we ran out of food trying to escape. Why do you support authoritarian communists?” “For Joe Biden: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Do you like praline? What is praline anyway?” “For Bernie Sanders: You’ve repeatedly been asked how you’re going to pay for your programs. Most people are too lazy to spend five seconds Googling the answer. How will you pay for your programs? In 30 seconds or less, please.” “For Joe Biden: Obama was the best president ever. Why do you think you’re the best person to continue Obama’s legacy?” “For Bernie Sanders: You invented memes and posted rape memes on a college message board in 1965. Is this why you personally threatened Elizabeth Warren saying you were going to rape her to death and eat her skin?”

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Trygve Plaustrum
And Biden will still find a way to screw up his questions…
The DNC is re-enacting “Weekend at Biden’s”

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