Saagar Enjeti: Biden’s plan for Wall Street takeover of Washington revealed

Saagar Enjeti examines Joe Biden’s potential administration picks and its implications on the middle class.

Blade of Ashtaroth
Biden just ensured Trump will have another 4 years if he is the nominee. This list is a slam dunk for Bernie if he would just go on full assault!
Chris L
@S H If he loses, that’s a large part of why. I’m increasingly pessimistic about his chances because of things like that. He needs to go after Biden full bore on his incompetence and mental state. Perhaps he could name Tulsi Gabbard as his VP pick and let her go after Biden. I’m sure she could do it without being unethical.
Dimon. Bloomberg. Kamala. Pete. Foxes guarding the henhouse 2020.
Döskalleapan Nilsson
Either way, Biden would be a stooge for the billionaire overlords.
Take over? Wall Street is just renewing their lease with a new landlord.

Corp Media Forgets Tulsi After Warren Drops Out — The Political Vigilante

Charlotte Ruse
Elwood is exactly right the Democratic Party is Goldman Sachs wrapped in a rainbow flag promoting every imperialist war. I WON’T BE VOTING FOR BIDEN!


Gore Shade
Any woman that looks up to Hillary Clinton as a champion of Feminism, is like a foodie looking up to Jeffery Dahmer. -Graham Elwood.
John Egil Fevang
Norwegian TV news commentator: After Warren dropped out, there is no women left in the race, Oh except Tulsi Gabbard but she’s a joke. That’s the MSM news we are feeded with in our country.