EXCLUSIVE: Tulsi Gabbard details UBI plan for crisis

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard talks about what should be done to help the American people in light of recent events.

will church
I’m a teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools and we’re not getting any compensation for lost time, thank you for recognizing our needs.
Just google it!
Tulsi is my hero. Pay close attention, Hillary. THIS is the kind of woman we want to become our first female POTUS.
“I predict that as the time goes on, a lot of the candidates are gonna start sounding a lot like me” – Andrew Yang, Nov 2019. Thank you Tulsi for taking up the torch
Tulsi Gabbard speaks so well, wish she were in the final primary as a viable candidate, but what do I know….


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I’m staying with Tulsi until the end. Nov is a long way off.


Tonya me too!
Taylor Lee
Wow she’s such a fresh air from Biden. A smart leader we can get behind.
“tULsI onLY gOeS oN fOx nEwS!!!” Tusli speaks wherever she is invited, it just so happens that the dem establishment is trying to silence her