Why Did Andrew Yang REALLY Endorse Biden?

As a non-american, these elections seem like a crazy soap opera.


Ultra Gamer
Shoe just wants to talk to the DNC’s manager


Twan Willems
Biden: I’m very gritful for the enhorsement of president Xin Ping.


Matt H
Hillary Clinton sat him down in a room and showed him the “deleted” Jeffrey Epstein footage and then asked “So you’re endorsing Biden, right?”


Benjamin Karasinski
If Yang has really done the math he’s just really disappointed that the DNC wants four more years of Trump.


“We all see the iceberg!” Yeah, but some lunatics who are pro-Biden keep telling me it’s a tropical island and we’re all going to get some mahi-mahi. It definitely looks like an iceberg to me and maybe we shouldn’t be speeding up while approaching it.


When you want to endorse Bernie, but your phone auto-“corrects” to Biden.


nikko validor
in another episode of “DNC keeps curbstomping shoe’s dreams”


Diego Rojas
“We do not like the government, but also … Government, give us healthcare.” This is the type of content to which I subscribe.


Andrew Yang is tied up in a warehouse in New Jersy and his place has been taken by his evil doppelgänger, Andrew Yin.

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