Trump Is Doing “Americanism” Not “Socialism” Supporters Say #TheJimmyDoreShow


if socialism means give everybody money when they need it? then call me a socialist!😎
Kenneth G
Jimmy, FYI, Biden has a very important message….he just can’t remember it.
David G
Meanwhile, Pelosi & Schumer, “Let them eat cake!”
A Gray
i quit eating when i ran out of toilet paper… 🤷🏼‍♂️
Bill Brown
Make it & build it in the US or end up begging our enemies to supply it in a disaster. To DC & both parties: DUH, workers Matter
Grant Marshall
I am a Trump voter and watch you for exactly what you mentioned. You are at least honest and call things as they are.
Gayle Elizabeth
…During the financial crisis, I came home from college—to find a moving van parked at our neighbor’s house—at TWILIGHT…. …Upon asking my dad, I discovered that our neighbor—a self-made man, who had created a small business that went bust—had been foreclosed upon, and that him, his wife & 3 kids had to move….(He had the movers come at night because he was “ashamed,” said my dad). ….As long as I live, I’ll never forget the sight (and sound) of this 6’ 5”, proud man, sobbing into his arm as he sat on the curb, as the last items of furniture were loaded around midnight……DAMN YOU, Obama.
Jimmy: As I have been watching recently especially since this virus thing has escalated it has crossed my mind a couple of times that you should try to set up some time with Peter Joseph for one of your live streams. You said you read his book and you had him on before [which is when I discovered you and your work and have been paying attention since] and you should know that he understands and can explain all this bullshit better than anyone. I’m sure he is in L.A. and is equipped to do a joint [no pun intended] live stream with you. Do it, do it soon …

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