Hydroxycholoroquine Plus Antibiotic Azithromycin Show Promise For Treating COV-19

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Gronda Morin

It turns out the republican President Donald Trump at a recent press briefing may have been telling the truth about the drug chloroquine showing real promise as a future remedy that could be used effectively to treat patients with the coronavirus COV-19 infection. The preferred protocol would be the combination of a lesser toxic version of chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin. But the efficacy of this drug combination has to be verified via US clinical trials.

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As per a 3/19/2020 Business Insider report by Andrew Dunn, “A malaria pill from the 1940s has caught the eyes of doctors, analysts, and even Elon Musk as a potential coronavirus treatment”


“As dozens of drug companies rush into research projects to develop antibodies and other next-generation therapeutics, chloroquine stands out as a potentially simple, cheap, and scalable treatment, though we haven’t yet seen data…

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4 thoughts on “Hydroxycholoroquine Plus Antibiotic Azithromycin Show Promise For Treating COV-19

  1. First of all its hydroxychloroquine not chloroquine. It’s a medication I had to take for three years. It takes about four months to be in your system to be effective. Also, patients have to go to the optometrist and have their eyes checked every six months because a side effect is problems with the eye, all the way to blindness.

    “In order to know which therapies could work to treat the viral infection we need to undertake clinical trials to gain the full evidence to know whether they work or not,” says Prof Trudie Lang, director of The Global Health Network at Oxford University.

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    • Thanks for the additional info, that’s good to know. I’m taking natural remedies and immune boosters like oregano oil for prevention. Never had cold or flu since childhood. Research natural anti-viral foods and oils. Let food be thy medicine.


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