Krystal Ball Attacked for Refusing to Vote for Joe Biden #HumanistReport #THR #MikeFigueredo

I’m with Krystal 100%. If you want me to vote for you, then you have to earn it.
Brittany Kreider
I’m voting green party if Bernie isn’t the nominee. Give them the 5% to be involved in the next election process.
Sevyn Tennyson
I ONE THOUSAND PERCENT AGREE WITH KRYSTAL “Vote Blue no matter who” is the thought process that has allowed hundreds of years of corruption
Violet at Content Boutique
If Biden plans to fill his cabinet with Jaime Dimon and Bloomberg, I would vote Against that ticket and #WriteInBernie.
Lauri Hirvisalo
A European (more specifically, a Finn) here. On this side of the pond, replacing policy as the main measure of electability by some less consequential measure is informally considered a sign of a failed democracy.

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