AOC Does PR Stunt To Cover For Stimulus Vote #TheJimmyDoreShow

Ronzig the Wizard
How is it that she can claim she voted no when the Dems are reporting that 100% voted YES. She sure can act though. Her performances in the house will guarantee her a role in a Hollywood feature movie when she doesn’t get re-elected.
Trillions with no recorded votes. The Republic is a farce.
Optical Clarity
AOC does publicity stunt… Her entire candidacy is a publicity stunt. That has backfired monstrously. She and the squad have done more to help Trump and the republicans by illustrating the utter stupidity and vacuous ignorance of the regressive left. I have left of center friends who have told me that they are voting for Trump to deliver a message to the demO-crats, or destroy the party. And I agree with them. FFS, AOC is a great propagandist… For Trump.
Lewis Ruffalo
AOC did not say “No” on the voice vote of the bailout bill. Only a man’s voice was heard saying “No”, and that was Massie who immediately called for a roll call vote, and was denied. He was the only one calling for a recorded vote.
Lewis Ruffalo
Using the “unanimous consent” for this bailout bill was basically a fraud. Those types of votes are normally only used as a time saving measure for bills that have no opposition. There was opposition to this bill, so a recorded vote should have been made. This provided cover for all of the cowards that were there, so they don’t have to own up to their votes later on.

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