Biden’s Lame Attempt To Woo Bernie Supporters Fails #TheJimmyDoreShow

Cygnus X-321
“…You know, the truth is that more and more people are disenchanted with both the Republican and Democratic plank. And especially young people. They are registering as Independents, or not affiliated folks. And I think as somebody who was an Independent, we can bring them into the Democratic Party.” — Bernie Sanders admitting his role as a Democratic Party sheepdog in 2019
Robert Tolassi
That is the TRUTH .many people keep saying we need another party .because more and more people are fed up with both parties .now that being said we had an honest ethical and moral man BERNIE SANDERS .who is neither republican or democrat .and is not beholden to CORPORATE interests .because he does not take CORPORATE MONEY .and has been fighting for decades against the political CORPORATE establishment.but yet again CORPORATE MSM mainstream media CNN and MSNBC in particular flimm flammed DUMBED DOWN USA CITIZENS to vote for JOE BIDEN .
Anne Laqueyrerie
The only thing progressive with Biden, is his dementia.

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