Krystal and Saagar: Biden literally INCOMPREHENSIBLE live on CNN

Krystal and Saagar look at a cringey Joe Biden interview on CNN with Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper.

Phil Rooney
My 88 year old great aunt tells me she cries every time she hears Biden speak…it gives her flashbacks to her husband’s Alzheimer’s struggles. This is disturbing to watch, too disturbing…thanks DNC for further cementing our banana republic status
When CNN cringes about their own candidate, you need to worry..
The DNC truly believes their sheeple are really, really, really STUPID! Do they feel insulted? Probably not…
Congratulations to President Trump on his second term.
Dave Harper
Remember this was a prepared interview. Imagine a debate.
Ron Heathman
“The Biden Cringe” is in full effect. I mean there’s a DOCTOR sitting there not saying what everyone is thinking. Amazing.
This is what is crazy and scary. They all know, this man is not well. They all know, his cognitive abilities is declining. However, they’re still sitting there with a fake straight face.
Do you want a man with his finger on the nuclear button who can’t tell it from a doorbell?
Pamela Kilponen
Elder abuse to have him running. My father had dementia for 3 years before he died. This man needs help not to run for office.
And he had time to prepare for this, I’m done with this reality show called America.