Chomsky Pushes 40 Year Old Failed Voting Strategy #TheJimmyDoreShow

Pierangelo Espinocilla
Dear Mehdi: the “malignancy in the White House” isn’t a person. It’s an ideology called neoliberalism. Replacing one proponent of it with another isn’t exactly getting rid of it.

Purnell Charles
I disagree alot with Jimmy sometimes but he’s right here. Never thought I’d see the day a jagoff comedian out philosophy a political philosopher.
Del R
How about this math surgery: Every time Biden says no to M4A, he’s sending thousands of votes to Trump… Why don’t people blame the f’n candidate?
Joseph Shields
“Everybody’s Hitler” I have been hearing this all my life. You have to vote for us because the other guy is Hitler. Reagan is Hitler. Bush 1 is Hitler. Bush 2 is Hitler. Trump is Hitler. Sorry, I think Hitler was unique.