Krystal and Saagar: Al Gore’s PRICELESS face as Biden loses train of thought

OMG these comments are priceless! Thanks for the laugh

Terry Bonnell
The DNC should be ashamed of themselves, this is elderly abuse.
Paul Page
And we’re suppose to fall in line and vote for this? Lol.
and these moments are the ones were ALLOWED to see.his best moments.imagine him in the afternoon?imagine the reject takes.
I Violanti
Has anyone Noticed..when Joe starts losing his train of thought, his voice raises in pitch with “Look!” then comes “..the thing”
Trinket Box
This guy’s train of thought never left the depot.
Biden playing poker, “Hey, look man…”
Me: “All in.”
Reagan went senile while in office. Now we’re going to elect someone who is ALREADY senile?
Dallas MacDougall
Biden makes me believe that at my most drunk I can still be president.
Sleepy Joe, out loud, “We don’t organize the world… Who organizes it?” Al Gore thought 💭 bubble, “Deep State, Joe, shut up!”
Brock Samson
I wish there was a deep state running things.
Supah Sayin Rick
Al Gore’s face: “are you being cereal right now?”
We can laugh but it’s actually disgusting the DNC are willing to do this to Biden given his condition
Wooligan 🐑
George Washington: “I can not tell a lie”. Joe Biden: “I can not tell the difference between my wife and sister”.
DR Kojack
Joe Biden: “Is it too late to stop climate change? I asked that tall fella, but he wouldn’t tell me.”
Al Gore: “Uhh.. Joe? That’s a tree”