Progressives Help Pass Another Horrible Stimulus Bill #TheJimmyDoreShow

c walker
So far, some of the greatest beneficiaries were billionaire Ivy League Universities. Harvard had to be shamed by Trump himself into giving the money back. This is a school with a $23,000,000,000 endowment which is its own hedge fund.


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Jeff Boxing
This is straight dick in your face plutocracy


Cray Fish
Harvard is the breeding ground for the Elites and CIA. Most of them gets brainwashed there and pay big bucks just to get a degree.

Bernie Has Become A Cartoon Of A Leader #TheJimmyDoreShow


Brian Bob
He was this way the whole time. He didn’t change. Bernie has always been a tool.


Alex McGregor
Bernie is the king of virtue signaling.


J.T. Steele
Don’t you mean…Bernie is revealing his true self…?!


I don’t see how you could support him as an “anti-establishment” candidate after endorsing Hillary.


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Noam Chomsky, supposedly anti-war also endorsed Hillary. This is rich, considering she is involved in the untold death of innocents through her funding of terrorists in Syria and Libya. She is an absolutely wretched human being!


I don’t see how anyone could trust him after saying he’d accept the decision of the DNC.


Andrew Ervin
How do you see someone who has been a politician for decades as being anti-establishment?
Well, CP, I though he had standards.
P Eidem
Bernie is just like the rest of the establishment dems and Rinos, all talk no action, no change.


Amor Fati
I feel so stupid for sending my paychecks to BS campaign


Bernie executed the ultimate “bait and switch”…..


Carolinian Farmer
Bernie showed his skin & true colors when DNC, at Hillary’s behest, effed him hard in broad daylight, & endorsing her was his only reaction. Then, this time around, he upped his ante by endorsing his “good decent” friend Biden from the beginning of his campaign. Bernie’s the Establishment’s revolutionary.


Nick Pappagiorgio
“I need your financial support to destroy the establishment. Oops looks like I lost your donations go to the establishment, vote for the establishment.”


Ryan D.
We need to TOTALLY clean house and elect REAL every day Americans to actually represent us in Congress.. EVERY last one of them MUST go..


Dr. Gregg Eddins
Bernie burned the Bernie Bros…. Nobody gets their donations back !!!’ Come on man !! U know the thing !


Matej Slavicek
If he wasn’t controlled opposition to manage the Left, the Dems would of destroyed him years ago


Alexander The Snivy
Hey Bernie, now you’re just somebody that we used to know. We can’t believe what you’ve become.


Cartoon is a apt adjective to describe Amerikan politics!


Marcus Fenix
Bernie has been a con man his whole life…his record shows the most ineffective senator in U.S history! His supporters have been fooled for decades. Im so glad to see real progressives finally waking up to that fact.


Jayanga S
Bernie was never a leader in the first place…


I never understood why anyone supported bernie after what happened in 16.


Scott Humphreys
‘We gotta make sure Congress does the right thing’. You are Congress, Bernie.

Biden Has Wife Talk Instead Of Him. WTF?!? #TheJimmyDoreShow

Хрюн Моржов
“Presidency is about leadership” says candidate’s wife. LOL.
Fresenius Kabi
Maybe he’ll smell his fingers when Tara Reade’s name comes up
Ronnie Lobello
Joe’s wife has a better chance of defeating Trump than Joe.
God when she was speaking it was cringey as hell. She sounded like the old scripted cliché politician that I don’t think works anymore.
Alejandro Frade
Jill; “we need real leadership and respect” Joe; “that’s why I’m endorsing Barack Obama” Jill; “that was 4 years ago…” Joe; “sorry….That’s why I endore Bill Clinton “
Jay Chris
Jill Biden sounds like she’s trying to sell me a time share.
And he looks like he shat himself.
Dr Feel good
His mind is like a time share. Only available one week out of the year
Melanie S
Why didn’t Jill run in the Democratic race instead of Joe, I mean she’s going to be giving speeches Joe is unable to talk for a few minutes and seems to forget where he is , sad.
Pass the Gravy
VP Joe: “I regret that I have but one WIFE to give my country.”
Mister Quantum
“That’s right, listen to my sister she knows what she’s talking about.” – Joe Biden
Twisted Titan
The Democratic party has been reduced to a smoldering pile of fecal material The re election of the orange juggernaut is all but certain.
Biden’s wife: “You’ll just have to swallow, like me.”
This would make a sad and disturbing movie. The fact that it’s real is actually surreal.
Robert Richard
See ‘PLANET OF THE HUMANS’ if you want sureal.
Harpy Harp
Biden is easily influenced, just tell him there will be pudding.