Biden Has Wife Talk Instead Of Him. WTF?!? #TheJimmyDoreShow

Хрюн Моржов
“Presidency is about leadership” says candidate’s wife. LOL.
Fresenius Kabi
Maybe he’ll smell his fingers when Tara Reade’s name comes up
Ronnie Lobello
Joe’s wife has a better chance of defeating Trump than Joe.
God when she was speaking it was cringey as hell. She sounded like the old scripted cliché politician that I don’t think works anymore.
Alejandro Frade
Jill; “we need real leadership and respect” Joe; “that’s why I’m endorsing Barack Obama” Jill; “that was 4 years ago…” Joe; “sorry….That’s why I endore Bill Clinton “
Jay Chris
Jill Biden sounds like she’s trying to sell me a time share.
And he looks like he shat himself.
Dr Feel good
His mind is like a time share. Only available one week out of the year
Melanie S
Why didn’t Jill run in the Democratic race instead of Joe, I mean she’s going to be giving speeches Joe is unable to talk for a few minutes and seems to forget where he is , sad.
Pass the Gravy
VP Joe: “I regret that I have but one WIFE to give my country.”
Mister Quantum
“That’s right, listen to my sister she knows what she’s talking about.” – Joe Biden
Twisted Titan
The Democratic party has been reduced to a smoldering pile of fecal material The re election of the orange juggernaut is all but certain.
Biden’s wife: “You’ll just have to swallow, like me.”
This would make a sad and disturbing movie. The fact that it’s real is actually surreal.
Robert Richard
See ‘PLANET OF THE HUMANS’ if you want sureal.
Harpy Harp
Biden is easily influenced, just tell him there will be pudding.

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