It’s official: Joe Biden under investigation for sexual assault

Another Grab ’em by the P***sy kinda guy, where’s the Me Too Movement when u need them??? Whoever controls the media controls the sheeple….

Presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden wants nothing more than to move back to Washington, D.C. — but my want to be careful what he wishes for.


That’s the same police jurisdiction that’s investigating Biden over sexual assault allegations.

The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia has announced that it is officially investigating Biden –– who has been accused of sexually assaulting former staff assistant Tara Reade in 1993, when he was accused of pinning her against the wall and putting his fingers in her genitals.

“This is an active, ongoing investigation, and there are no further details to provide at this time,” Metropolitan Police Department public affairs officer Christine Metzger told The Daily Caller.

Metzger told the outlet she was unclear on how authorities would proceed if evidence proves the allegations are true.


Either way, the investigation will certainly impact his fledgling Democratic presidential campaign.

The official police statement has been delivered in a time when the corporate media has all but ignored the accusation, which was made public Mar. 25 by Reade on a podcast.

Critics, including those who supporters Sen. Bernie Sanders presidential bid, have suggested there was a Biden cover-up to protect him during the Democratic presidential primary, as well as heading towards his November 2020 match-up with President Donald Trump.

The silence from some of America’s fiercest #MeToo advocates has been deafening — especially compared to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s ordeal when he was accused of sexual assault.

Hollywood liberal and activist Alyssa Milano, who led the attack against Kavanaugh on social media, kept silent on the Biden accusation.


And Time’s Up, an organization who’s literal mission statement is “believe all women” flat out rejected Reade when she came forward with her accusation on Biden, citing his presidential run.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that between Mar. 24 and Apr. 15, Biden had conducted 10 interviews with “major news outlets” — and wasn’t once asked about the sexual assault accusation.

“What is clear about this claim: it is untrue. This absolutely did not happen,” according to his spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield.

So much for “believe all women.”

The Horn editorial team

Krystal and Saagar: Al Gore’s PRICELESS face as Biden loses train of thought

OMG these comments are priceless! Thanks for the laugh

Terry Bonnell
The DNC should be ashamed of themselves, this is elderly abuse.
Paul Page
And we’re suppose to fall in line and vote for this? Lol.
and these moments are the ones were ALLOWED to see.his best moments.imagine him in the afternoon?imagine the reject takes.
I Violanti
Has anyone Noticed..when Joe starts losing his train of thought, his voice raises in pitch with “Look!” then comes “..the thing”
Trinket Box
This guy’s train of thought never left the depot.
Biden playing poker, “Hey, look man…”
Me: “All in.”
Reagan went senile while in office. Now we’re going to elect someone who is ALREADY senile?
Dallas MacDougall
Biden makes me believe that at my most drunk I can still be president.
Sleepy Joe, out loud, “We don’t organize the world… Who organizes it?” Al Gore thought 💭 bubble, “Deep State, Joe, shut up!”
Brock Samson
I wish there was a deep state running things.
Supah Sayin Rick
Al Gore’s face: “are you being cereal right now?”
We can laugh but it’s actually disgusting the DNC are willing to do this to Biden given his condition
Wooligan 🐑
George Washington: “I can not tell a lie”. Joe Biden: “I can not tell the difference between my wife and sister”.
DR Kojack
Joe Biden: “Is it too late to stop climate change? I asked that tall fella, but he wouldn’t tell me.”
Al Gore: “Uhh.. Joe? That’s a tree”

Quote of the day

If you have an idea what you want to be in the future, today you will live very partially because your main concern becomes the future. Your eyes become focused on the future, you lose contact with the real and the present — and the tomorrow will be born out of the real with which you are not in contact. The tomorrow will come out of today, and today was unlived.

The English word devil is very beautiful. If you read it backwards it becomes lived. That which is lived becomes divine, and that which is not lived becomes devil. Only the lived is transformed into godliness; the unlived turns poisonous. Today you postpone, and whatsoever remains unlived in you will hang around you like a weight. If you had lived it you would have been free of it. It would not have haunted you, it would not have tortured you.


The Placeholder

By James Howard Kunstler

April 22, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – These are strange days, indeed. But in what alternative universe can anyone imagine Joe Biden actually making it through a presidential election campaign? The party he supposedly leads stuffed him into a broom closet last week after he gibbered through a session with CNN’s leading light Anderson Cooper. They can’t just hide the poor fellow there until November 3.

Asked about reopening everyday life in America, Mr. Biden said, “You know, there’s a… uh, during World War II, uh… you know, where Roosevelt came up with… a thing, uh, that, uh… you know, was totally different than a… than the… the, it’s called… he called it the… you know, the World War II… he had the war… the War Production Board….”

Everybody knows he’s dimmer than a night-lite, and everybody’s pretending it’s okay. There’s no analog in history for any faction putting up such an empty vessel for high office. Granted, the Democratic Party has trafficked in unreality for years, from Crossfire Hurricane through UkraineGate ­ — with side-trips like trannies in women’s sports — but those capers were just old-fashioned scams. Joe Biden for President is Emperor’s-New-Clothes caliber deceit, requiring a rank-and-file so marinated in falsehood they couldn’t tell you the difference between a red light and a green light.

So, you have to ask: what is their game? In the weeks that led up to the blossoming of Covid 19, the game was apparently to bump off Bernie Sanders to satisfy the party’s corporate sponsors, who were not so eager to back someone that promised to confiscate their wealth.

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Ironically, Covid 19 only fortified Bernie’s case that the nation’s obscenely crooked health care system demands drastic reform. Now, you could easily construct a scenario in which ol’ Bernie would have glided to victory in November on the basis of that, combined with unemployment figures that make the Great Depression look like a job fair.

Picking Joe Biden as the instrument to block Bernie seemed especially dumb just weeks after the Democrats’ impeachment gambit blew up in their faces by shining a fiercely revealing light on Joe and Hunter’s adventures in international grift. One can easily discern Mr. Biden’s motive for remaining in the race after that because sheltering in candidacy seemed to inoculate him from any criminal investigation. But, did the whole party want to go all-in on that?

Maybe so, because the doings in Ukraine circa 2014 included a large cast of characters in Barack Obama’s state department ­– not least, Secretary of State John Kerry ­– plus the entire George Soros network of international backstage finaglers, with tendrils to Jeffrey Epstein’s nefarious operations ­– in short, a can of worms so slithery and disgusting they make the Democratic Party look like a primordial sink of species dumped into Mother Nature’s discontinued merchandise bin. Note: none of that has been adjudicated yet and don’t assume they’ll get off scot-free.

Then there is the sexual molestation charge against Mr. Biden by ex-staffer Tara Reade, who claims the then-Senator violated her manually in 1993. The New York Times editors sang la-la-la-la-la-la-kittens-and-puppies for two weeks before they even acknowledged the accusation, only to dismiss it because, well, it was like… you know, where Roosevelt came up with… a thing, uh, that, uh… you know, was totally different than a….

There really are only two plausible game plans for the Dems with Joe Biden. One is that he’s a mere placeholder until the convention – assuming it can even be held — where party bigwigs are forced to undo their Biden blunder by some legerdemain of rules-fudging, and cram in a last-minute replacement. The putative savior would be none other than She-Whose-Turn-Was-Thwarted in 2016, on the grounds that she at least knows how to run for president, even if she isn’t very good at it. They might as well hand every delegate a dixie-cup of cyanide-enhanced kool-aid as they cast that fateful vote.

The other pretty obvious scheme, seemingly underway now, is to fix up Mr. Biden with a running-mate who can take over his duties twenty-three minutes after the inauguration ceremony. Stacey Abrams, the self-proclaimed “real governor of Georgia” who, in fact, lost that election but has made out nicely hustling her delusions, is campaigning arduously for the VP appointment. Wouldn’t that make a heck of an appealing ticket?

Apparently, that’s one more memo the Democratic Party did not get: America no longer has time for identity politics. There are more important things to attend to, like whether large numbers of people go to bed hungry, get cast out of their homes, live or die. Things like that. For the moment, the USA doesn’t have an economy. Nor does much of the rest of the world. Believe me, that’s a problem. And unlike Mr. Biden’s dementia, there’s no pretense about not noticing it.

Mr. Kunstler was born in New York City in 1948. He worked as a reporter and feature writer for a number of newspapers, and finally as a staff writer for Rolling Stone Magazine. In 1975, he dropped out to write books on a full-time basis. He has lectured at Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, MIT, RPI, the University of Virginia and many other colleges, and he has appeared before many professional organizations such as the AIA , the APA., and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. He lives in Washington County, upstate New York. Source 

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The coronavirus killed more Americans in the last 17 days than the regular flu kills in an entire year… today’s US deaths hit 2,800

Tuesday, April 21, 2020 by: 

(Natural News) In the last 17 days, the Wuhan coronavirus has killed more Americans (35,087) than the regular flu kills in an entire year (34,157 for the last year). It obliterates any last shred of the argument — still heard across the independent media — that the coronavirus is “no worse than the flu.”

The coronavirus remains the No. 1 cause of death in America on a day-to-day basis, clocking in at 2,804 deaths just today. Total deaths in the USA will exceed 46,000 tomorrow, confirming our earlier projection that estimated 46,000 to 93,000 deaths from coronavirus in the USA by the end of July. It’s not even the end of April, and we’re already beyond 45,000. (At the time we made the projection, it was dismissed as “crazy” by the very same people who still claim the coronavirus is “no worse than the flu.” Those are the people who can’t do math.)

According to “fact-challenged” publishers such as the Wall Street Journal, the coronavirus is less lethal than the regular flu and only kills 1 in 10,000 people. That bizarre claim — which has now been exhaustively debunked by a rigorous analysis of the WSJ’s fake news — falls apart on its own when looking at the raw numbers of coronavirus deaths: Today the virus killed 2,804 Americans, and it’s been killing more than 2,000 Americans per day for most of the days across the last two weeks. Via

In comparison, the regular flu kills about 94 Americans per day on average. Here’s how covid-19 deaths compare to cancer, heart disease, the regular flu and other causes of death: (this infographic was updated when today’s deaths were 2,660. It later went up to 2,804.)

Deaths in the USA were on track to reach 80,000 per day if the lockdowns hadn’t been initiated in March

Now that our mathematical projection model has been proven correct yet again, it’s time to look at where America was headed if not for the lockdowns. Had the coronavirus been allowed to replicate with no social distancing, no lockdowns and no wearing of masks, the nation would have seen daily deaths continue rising far beyond 2,800 per day. By July, our projections show, they would have reached 80,000 deaths per day.

The fact that we began the lockdowns allowed the USA to avert over 2 million deaths by July. Yet because the lockdowns worked, scientifically illiterate people (mostly pro-Trump conservatives) have declared the lockdowns weren’t necessary. This includes Ron Paul, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other prominent conservatives who don’t understand exponential curves:

Thank goodness President Trump and many governors across America had the sense to initiate the lockdowns in mid-March. Now, the question comes to ending those lockdowns without re-igniting the exponential spread yet again. The answer to that, it is now abundantly clear, is mandatory masks in public for at least the next several months.

Yet it is pro-Trump conservatives who reject masks, claiming they are a symbol of oppression against what many on the right now believe is a “hoax” virus that isn’t really killing anyone, they claim. That’s part of the reason why ending the lockdowns is now impossible: Because conservatives refuse to act responsibly and wear masks in public.

Thus, the lockdowns will need to continue for a much longer period, it seems, since half of America refuses to take a simple action (wearing masks in public) that will significantly halt the spread of the virus.

The very people protesting the lockdowns are ensuring they continue even longer

It’s ironic, isn’t it? The very people claiming they want to end the lockdowns won’t do the very thing that would help end the lockdowns: Wearing masks.

Masks allow us to restore freedom and re-open society. Combined with zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C — plus widespread testing — I believe we can end the lockdowns and restart the economy without initiating an explosion in new infections.

Yet I hear a lot of protesters right now shouting things like, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Why not get both liberty and life by responsibly wearing masks in public to help make sure asymptomatic carriers don’t infect others?

Because if people across America are truly going to be stupid about this by refusing to wear masks, the coronavirus is more than happy to oblige their demand to “Give me death.” And I hope I don’t need to remind anyone that you’re not free if you’re a corpse.

Want to defend freedom and beat the virus? Wear a mask when in public areas such as public transportation, retail stores or workplaces. That’s how we beat the virus and restore freedom in America.