♫ White Rabbit ♫ (Redux)

One of the best songs ever written, and a personal favorite of mine. The movie American Hustle featured an Arabic version sung by Mayssa Karaa. Hypnotic, otherworldly, surreal, sacred.


Filosofa's Word

I seized upon 5 different songs tonight, found I had played them all within the past year … wouldn’t you think I could remember what I’ve played for a year or so?  Methinks my memory is going … going …   Anyway, being tired and having much left to do before I can go to bed tonight, I decided to redux this one because … I like it.  No other reason. 

I frequently make reference to being “down in the rabbit hole”, meaning my mood, mind and psyche are in a dark place, usually from the topics I write about, sometimes for more personal reasons.  But this song, written by Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, is about another sort of rabbit hole altogether.

Slick got the idea for this song after taking LSD and spending hours listening to the Miles Davis album Sketches Of Spain, especially the opening track, “

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