NYPD Intentionally Runs Over Protestors In Broad Daylight #TheJimmyDoreShow

Kharé Mansour
“Before a revolution happens, it is seen as impossible; after that, it is seen as inevitable.” Rosa Luxemburg . Communist, Politician, Journalist, Revolutionary, Socialist (1871 – 1919)
Scotty MacDewder
“A monopoly on violence…” And “Depraved indifference” brilliantly put.
John Sweazy
They want you to see their power to keep the lower class in place! This is class war not race war!


John Sweazy BS. This has nothing to do with class or race. Did you catch the video of the. WHITE Antifa writing BLM on the side of a black man’s business? You’re being conned. This is organized and funded – no grass roots movement going on here.
Cindy Klenk
Precisely. Its not race, its not left or right – its vertical – It is “The Big Club” against the human race.
David Davidson
This is Cuomo ‘ s state and then this morning has the audacity to go on TV talking about inequality in the criminal system and health system.
Gregg H
Jimmy, if you were really smart, you would have purposely gotten a lower score when you took the police test.