Transit Union Refusing To Transport Cops Or Prisoners! w/Chris Hedges #TheJimmyDoreShow

Union workers of America may actually start a Yellow Vest movement. Actual hope and change is possible if critical mass arise. Police will do everything to oppress.

I would say it’s like the Russian Revolution but I don’t want neoliberals to blame Russia for this too.


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Holly W
Ireland’s train unions refused to transport English troops during the Revolution. It has a noble history.


ღSwnsasyღ _
Too late!! They already doing it on MSNBC and Susan Rice said, ” Yep, this is just like the Russian playbook.” Idiots! That takes away from we the people out protesting and it’s so disrespectful to us all!


manuel caballero
It is a revolution. People are tired.


Kon Kim
Lol… Susan Rice already is.


chim choo ree
Maybe 1905. It’s going to be a good learning experience for the taking of political power by the working class, this time on an international scale.


Larry Lopez
I blame the idiot in the White House


Russian Asset#2
@Larry Lopez – Exactly, not last eight mayors of Minneapolis, none who were Republican by the way.


During Russian Revolution, whole armies and divisions turned against monarchy and bourgeois. And the cops where killed left and right. Especially after July Days 1917


Brian Lokenall
They already are.


Susan rice is already doing that
Praise be to god that the people are standing up ! The people have been apathetic far too long

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