Democrat’s transparently fake, highly offensive tokenism to win over black votes?

This “woke” gesture by Ms Pelosi, Schumer, Sen. Harris had me ROFL 😀

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 08: (L-R) Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) join fellow Democrats from the House and Senate kneel in silence for …


“Folks really think Black people are a joke,” author and former Warren surrogate Frederick Joseph tweeted.

“I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that they draped these white people in kente cloth to ‘honor’ him,” Joseph said in another tweet. “This has to be hell.”

Backlash continued to roll in, and it was both swift and severe:

As described by ThoughtCo:

Although kente cloth is now identified with the Akan people in West Africa, and particularly the Asante Kingdom, the term originates from the neighboring Fante. Kente cloth is closely related to Adinkra cloth, which has symbols stenciled into cloth and is associated with mourning.​

As one of the prominent symbols of African arts and culture, Kente cloth has been embraced by the broader African diaspora (which means people of African descent wherever they might live.) Kente cloth is particularly popular in the United States among African-Americans and can be found on all types of clothing, accessories, and objects. These designs replicate registered Kente designs, but are often mass-produced outside of Ghana with no recognition or payment going to the Akan craftsmen and designers, which Boatema Boateng has argued represents a significant loss of income to Ghana.

The Ultimate History Project also emphasized Kente cloth’s history with the Ashanti people, which is “strongly tied to the history of the slave trade”:

“From the ancient history of the Ashanti Kingdom, to the Pan-African spread of tradition during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, to modern day interpretations and use of cultural heritage, the Kente cloth is both symbolic and representative of the history of the Ashanti people.

Pelosi spoke ahead of the collective moment of silence on Monday as Democrats gathered in Emancipation Hall at the U.S. Capitol.

“That tragedy, that hour of history … slavery in our own country and then all the consequences of that — we are here to observe that pain,” Pelosi said as the Kente cloth draped around her neck.

“We are here to respect the actions of the American people to speak out against that, specifically manifested in police brutality,” she added ahead of their moment of silence, struggling to stand back up as it concluded:

Democrats on Monday unveiled their latest police reform bill, the Justice in Policing Act, which bans chokeholds, no-knock warrants, and includes a racial bias training program, among other reforms.

‘Okay everyone. On your marks. Scarf up for the pandering and posturing photo op. Masks on, now gracefully! fall to one knee …. and action!’


don’t they realize they are the laughing stocks of America.
do they not realize what fools they make of themselves

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Obama Foundation tweeted about George Floyd on May 17th, a week before his supposed murder

WTF??? Apparently the GF murder was planned as a false flag rioting psyop on May 17th, a whole week prior to GF’s actually death. The tweet’s still on twitter! LOL.

Monday, June 08, 2020 by: 

Image: FALSE FLAG ALERT: Obama Foundation tweeted about George Floyd on May 17th, a week before his supposed murder

(Natural News) We have now confirmed that the Obama Foundation was tweeting about George Floyd on May 17th, more than a week before the day Floyd was reportedly killed by police in an act of violence that sparked the worldwide riots we’re all witnessing.

George Floyd was killed on May 25th. So what was the Obama Foundation doing tweeting about Floyd on May 17th, when nobody knew who he was?

The answer, of course, is that the whole thing was planned in advance. Just like on 9/11 when the media was reporting that the WTC 7 building had collapsed even while it was still standing in the frame directly behind them, it looks like the Obama Foundation got its wires crossed and accidentally started tweeting about George Floyd a week in advance.

Once the first tweet accidentally went out, they couldn’t delete it without raising suspicion about it, so they just left it up and are relying on Big Tech’s censorship to make sure nobody learns the truth that this was all planned in advanced and rigged as public theater.

In fact, there is growing evidence that George Floyd isn’t even dead. We’ll cover more on that later. We’ve already documented the fact that actors are now posing as cops as part of a rioting psyop (psychological operation) that’s being used to brainwash more people into supporting the communist uprising.

YouTube is now banning all videos that discuss the Obama Foundation tweet about George Floyd on May 17th, and Facebook has made sure that no one can share any link from as a further suppression of truthful, independent reporting.

Watch these two videos to confirm this news for yourself:

Note that is one of the very few destinations where you can still find truthful videos that are banned by Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter:

It’s all a reminder that when it comes to the unfolding of history, everything you see is rigged, including every mass shooting, the 9/11 attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing (which was actually staged by the FBI), the government raids in Waco, the assassination of JFK and so on.

Your entire human history has been engineered by “history’s architects” — globalists who plot and carry out all the major events of history in order to shape a public narrative that leads to your enslavement.


Quote of the day

Feelings say: “Fall in love, and then you will know.”

Thoughts say: “Doubt, inquire, make certain. When everything is absolutely proved and you are convinced, rationally convinced, then you can trust.”

And the logic appears very, very clean, there seems to be no trick in it. There is! The trick is that through scientific knowing you cannot know the mystery that is confronting you, you cannot know the poetry that is showering on you, you cannot see the beauty and the grace that is available to you.

You will see my body, you will listen to my words, but you will miss my silences. And they are my real messages. You will be able to see me as I appear on the surface, but you will not be able to penetrate into me as I am at the center.


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