♪Lucia di Lammermoor -Il dolce suono – Maria Callas -Donizetti

Just hauntingly exquisite, no words ❤

Act III Chorus and Orchestra of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Andrea Morosini, Chorus Master Tullio Serafin, Conductor Recorded in the Teatro Communale, Florence, 1953


Highlighted comments from the commenters below:

-From Roberto AZZALI: When i hear people say that Maria Callas had a poor technique, i do get the shivers up my spine ! You’ve got to be completely deaf. Her repertory spans over 3 centuries of the greatest musical production ever… there was not a single trick or firework she could not perform: appoggiatura, acciaccatura, picchettato, messa di voce, glissando (on eflats in alto)… her breath was fully and perfectly sustained, her scales (ascending, descending, diatoniques and so forth) were absolutely amazingly perfect. She performed every single note which was written in the score and with the perfect tempo and pitch. And she never tricked, she always sang in the original key. Therefore, whether you like it or not, in spite of your respectable taste, Maria Callas was the greatest soprano of all time. And to this day, she is the one who has sold the most records (and still is) and all the greatest sopranos ever since, before they approach any role, they listen to what Callas did. And she is the ONE who we still talk about and take her as a reference after 40 years she passed away. Get over it, there was one and only one !

And once again, Schwarzkopf (among others) said, referring to Callas: “that woman is a miracle”.

Kabaivanska (500 Tosca and 400 Butterfly) said: “Artists like Callas, you find one over a century and in this case, i don’t think we will ever see anyone like her ever again!” This is why you should all shut up, once and for all ! Enjoy the genious and be humble in front of it

-From jmiller05: Those half-trills on the staccato are mind-blowing! 10:16

-From Luc Justin: Toutes les qualités que l’on sait, et toujours cette intelligence remarquable des vocalises qui leurs donne enfin du sens, mais aussi et particulièrement ce soir-là, très en forme, ‘une longueur du souffle incroyable, jamais égalée. Sublime : un témoignage historique.

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