What You Need to Know about Chlorine Dioxide

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What is MMS?
Many people have heard of this by the name MMS. First of all, we must make very clear the fact that MMS (Master Mineral Solution or Miracle Mineral Supplement), as the name given by Jim Humble to one of the main products discussed in this document (sodium chlorite mixed with an activator acid), has been labeled as illegal for sale and promotion by many countries and we do not endorse its purchase or consumption.
However, the compound to which MMS refers, sodium chlorite mixed with an activator acid, has been approved and even mandated for use in several countries including the United States and Europe under the name ASC (Acidified Sodium Chlorite) for the purposes of disinfecting foods and water for human consumption, and in some countries also for the disinfection of blood kept in blood banks for the purpose of transfusions.
What are Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide?
The main focus of this document will be Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), also known as the “ideal biocide”. Chlorine dioxide is one of the best-known disinfectants. It kills most viruses, bacteria, fungi and small parasites in a wide range of conditions, without creating any toxic byproducts. It is the preferred substance to disinfect drinking water in Germany and other developed countries, over other substances such as chlorine which are toxic (though some countries still use chlorine in their water).
Where does sodium chlorite (NaClO2) fit into the picture? Because ClO2 is a gas and not easily transported, it has been found much more convenient to transport and sell precursors such as NaClO2 in the form of flakes or powder, and generate ClO2 from them on site, when needed.
When mixing sodium chlorite with an acid (also known as an activator) the gas ClO2 is released.
Typically, citric acid has been used in industry and clinical settings. However, it has been found
that hydrochloric acid (HCl) is a much better activator for oral intake, as citric acid can create
discomfort in many people.
ClO2 works as an oxidant. An oxidant is simply a substance or element that takes electrons from
other elements. Other well-known oxidants are O2 (oxygen), O3 (ozone) and H2O2 (hydrogen
peroxide). Some of these are already used in therapeutic settings, such as ozone therapy,
however they can cause damage to healthy cells and body tissue, where ClO2 does not.
One reason ClO2 is preferred over other oxidizing agents when it comes to applications to human
health, is that ClO2 has a lower oxidation potential (also called oxidation strength) than the other
oxidants mentioned in the paragraph before.
Oxidation potential is, simply put, a measure of how strongly an oxidant is trying to take electrons
from the environment. In practice, this means that ClO2 isn’t strong enough to take electrons
from healthy human cells, thus leaving them unaffected, while being strong enough to affect
smaller pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.
While ozone or hydrogen peroxide will harm healthy cells in the body and get quickly used up,
ClO2 will only affect harmful pathogens, thus lasting longer and being able to reach much more
deeply into the body.
On top of that, ClO2 has a higher oxidation capacity than the other oxidants mentioned. This
means that one molecule of ClO2 can take more electrons (in this case 5 electrons) than all the
other oxidants listed above such as O3 (all of them coming at only 2 electrons). In practice, this
means that a molecule of ClO2 can oxidize more pathogens before being used up. All of these
qualities truly make ClO2 the ideal killer of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogens.
At room temperature, ClO2 is a gas that very easily dissolves in water (it dissolves best in cold
water under 11 ºC and at this temperature it will stay good for many months in the fridge, inside
a closed container). When taken orally at the recommended doses, it will easily be absorbed into
the bloodstream and work as a separate carrier of oxygen to red blood cells, effectively increasing
the oxygenation of the blood – many report feeling a rush of energy after ingesting ClO2. Much
like red blood cells, ClO2 acts under the Bohr effect and will release its oxygen in areas of higher
acidity such as those with viruses, harmful bacteria, inflammation or infection. It also works to
neutralize lactic acid in blood and muscles.
Due to these properties, some professional athletes have used chlorine dioxide to legally enhance
their performance and speed the recovery from workouts and competition.
Once ClO2 has acted it leaves only water (H2O2) and minute amounts of salt (NaCl). The amount
of salt left is so small, it hasn’t been shown to have any effect with people on low salt diets.
Despite ClO2 being a bactericidal, no negative effects have been observed or reported in the
health of the gut flora, even by people who have been taking it regularly for years. As to the exact
reason why this is, more research in the area is necessary.
Due to the capacity of chlorine dioxide to kill pathogens without harming the body’s cells, it has
been used for decades as a preferred method to disinfect blood stored for blood transfusions in
several countries. When gathering and mixing blood from donors, there is always the risk of
contamination by viruses and bacteria, which caused a lot of controversy in the 1980s and 90s
with the AIDS scare.
Enter international patent PCT/US87/00288 filed in 1987, which describes a method by which
red blood cells infected by HTLV-III are safely disinfected using a solution that contains sodium
chlorite and lactic acid as the activator – HTLV-III was the name originally given to the virus
causing AIDS. It was later decided to rename the virus to HIV. In other words, thanks to the use
of ClO2, blood can be cleaned of viruses including HIV, without any harm to the red blood cells,
and then be safely used for transfusions.
Also, the company Alcide filed patent US5019402A in 1991 for the use of sodium chlorite with
lactic acid for the disinfection of blood from donors, after concerns of HIV contamination. Since
1994, these methods are of mandatory use in several countries worldwide for the disinfection of
blood from donors for the purpose of transfusions.
As a side note, and as anecdotal evidence, many people with HIV have reported using chlorine
dioxide (ClO2) orally to relieve themselves of their symptoms and rid their bodies of the HIV virus
in no more than 3 weeks’ time. I stress that this evidence is purely anecdotal and more serious
research in the area is highly encouraged.
What about Viruses and the Fight against Coronavirus?
The way ClO2 acts to destroy viruses is different than it is for bacteria. In a crude way, in bacteria
it works by oxidizing and destroying their outer membranes. In viruses it works through
denaturalization. In either case, unlike with antibiotics, no virus or bacteria can ever develop a
resistance or immunity to oxidization by ClO2 (and indeed they haven’t in over 100 years of use
for disinfection).
In a virus, ClO2 will act by destroying the capsid, which is the protein shell of a virus.
Subsequently, it will destroy the virus’ genetic material, thus rendering it sterile and incapable of
infecting any cell or other organism. Exposure to ClO2 of up to a few days may be necessary for
the complete elimination of certain viruses.
ClO2 has long been known to be efficient against the virus SARS-CoV-2, which is the basis of the
current coronavirus COVID-19, even in low concentrations. It has also been shown to be efficient
against different strains of Coronavirus that affect humans and animals. One could assume that
it is also efficient against the current coronavirus affecting most of the world, however it is best
to do studies to confirm this hypothesis and indeed such studies are currently underway.
Preliminary results of current clinical trials and anecdotal evidence have shown that ClO2 kills the
coronavirus in infected people within 48 hours, leading to a full recovery without side effects.
We are waiting for these studies to conclude and be published as soon as possible. In the
meantime, from all the scientific evidence plus anecdotal evidence that we have, it would seem
that ClO2 is an extremely safe and efficient way to eradicate the current coronavirus pandemic.
If nothing else, it would appear to be much safer than other currently used methods to fight
coronavirus, such as the ever more popular malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine. This drug has now
been approved by the FDA in the US to treat coronavirus, however it is highly toxic and can have
severe side effects which include, but are not limited to, changes in vision, inability to move your
eyes, deafness, feelings of paranoia, seizures, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness and fatal
cardiac failure (death).
On the other hand, ClO2 seems just as effective if not more in the treatment of coronavirus while
being of very low toxicity and having only rare side effects of nausea and diarrhea, which quickly
pass, when taken in the recommended doses. More on its toxicity in the next section.
Toxicity and Safety Concerns
Anything can be toxic. Even water. It all depends on the means of intake and the dosage. For
instance, one cannot intake water through the lungs, it is toxic. But a fish can. Drinking 6 liters of
water at once could also kill you.
Just like water, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is toxic if breathed in large amounts. Inhaling small
amounts of the gas won’t cause any harm, but it is best to take precautions and not breathe the
gas directly. How about oral intake toxicity of ClO2?
The WHO (World Health Organization) established in 2007 the safe levels of ASC intake. ASC is
Acidified Sodium Chlorite. This is the same as chlorine dioxide. ASC is used both in North America
and Europe to treat all products meant for human consumption: fruits, vegetables, meats,
bottled water, etc. Thus, the WHO established what levels of ASC are safe for human intake as
residues of it may be left in foods and water usually taken by people.
The 68th Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives concluded in 2007 that 0.03 mg/kg
(that’s per kg of body weight of the person) of sodium chlorite are safe for consumption by people
of all groups and ages, per day, every day of a person’s life. On the other hand, the highest
recommended daily dose of chlorine dioxide for therapeutic purposes is 0.005 mg/kg (equivalent
for an adult to 30 drops of sodium chlorite mixed with an activator). This is 6 times lower than
the levels deemed safe by the WHO. What medication do you know of, which you could take 6
times the highest recommended dose, every day for your entire life, and not suffer any harmful
For the gas chlorine dioxide, oral toxicity is even lower than for sodium chlorite, the LD50 (“lethal
dose” for 50% of subjects) being established at 292mg/kg daily for 14 days. For an adult human
person, this is hundreds of times higher than the highest recommended dose, and would require
drinking 5 to 10 liters of the concentrated CDS (at 3000ppm) every day for 2 weeks. A feat nearing
the impossible.
However low the toxicity of sodium chlorite, it is best that people activate it with HCL rather than
citric acid as already mentioned earlier. Citric acid has been reported to cause discomfort in the
form of nausea and diarrhea in many people.
The best form of sodium chlorite for human intake, in terms of taste and acceptance by the
human body, is pure ClO2 gas dissolved in water with no traces of NaClO2 or the activator acid
in the water. This is known as CDS or Chlorine Dioxide Solution. A video showing how to prepare
CDS can be seen by following a link included in the last section “Closing Thoughts”.
As of this writing, three different patents for CDS already exist and were developed by Andreas
Kalcker working at a Swiss research institute. It is our understanding that more patents are being
developed but apologize if any of these claims are inaccurate.
No cases have ever been reported in the scientific literature of death from the oral consumption
of sodium chlorite diluted in water. In contrast, aspirin kills more than 3,000 people every year.
Neither sodium chlorite, nor ClO2, MMS, or CDS are bleach. Sodium chlorite is NaClO2. Bleach is
NaClO. Bleach is toxic in any amount, besides being about 10 times less efficient as a disinfectant.
If you think one oxygen atom doesn’t make a lot of difference to the toxicological properties of a
molecule, you may consider that drinking water (H2O) is a very different matter than drinking
hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).
Yes, chlorine dioxide is sometimes used in the industry for the bleaching of paper – but it is used
in concentrations tens of thousands of times higher than those taken orally by people, and in the
industry, it is used together with large amounts of other, strong oxidizing agents.
Why Isn’t Chlorine Dioxide Known and Used by Doctors Everywhere?
It is our opinion, and I really stress that this is just an opinion, that the reason is basically one of
profit. Sodium chlorite is an extremely cheap substance. In order for it, or for chlorine dioxide, to
be approved for medical use in many diseases, tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars would
have to be spent in research and certifications.
If a pharmaceutical company were to spend all that money, they would not be able to make even
a fraction of it back in sales, due to how cheaply people would be able to obtain it elsewhere. In
fact, it is estimated that ClO2 would make over 4,000 currently approved medications obsolete,
costing the different pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars.
We would also like to note that the goals of the pharmaceutical industry are to make a profit,
and not necessarily to find a cure for various diseases. Again, this is just an opinion based on the
observation that when symptoms can be simply chronically managed, and a person made to
depend on a certain medication for the rest of their life, it is a much more profitable endeavor
than permanently healing the person of the disease. The first is a lifelong customer, while the
latter is a lost client.
Several doctors do use ClO2 with patients in different settings and some of these have already
sent reports of their case studies to governmental agencies. It is our understanding that these
governments have turned the evidence down and refuse to even give ClO2 a try. Thankfully,
bigger clinical trials are currently underway in several countries with very promising results of full
recoveries without side effects in less than 48 hours.
Closing Thoughts
ClO2 at present offers a great hope in the current pandemic situation. From all evidence and
testimonials so far gathered, it could present a safe and quick way to eradicate the coronavirus
pandemic in a very short time, thus helping to avoid great loss of life and the destruction of world
Though we have mentioned only a handful of patents and approved uses of both sodium chlorite
and chlorine dioxide, the list is much longer. Many more patents exist, for example both in China
and the United States for the treatment of tumors and cancer. There are many other patents for
other uses and in many other products. Anecdotally, many thousands of people have reported
full recovery of almost any disease of viral or bacterial origin, as well as diseases to do with the
immune system and inflammation, such as multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (well
known for having afflicted famous physicist Stephen Hawking), rheumatoid arthritis, etc. We do
not here in any way say that ClO2 can heal any of these conditions, we are only passing on what
other people have reportedly claimed to have recovered from by the use of ClO2.
In closing, we would like to remind any medical professional reading this that, although they must
abide by the laws laid out by their respective countries, the World Medical Association, as per
the Declaration of Helsinki, has established that unproven treatments may be used when no
other treatments exist or have proven ineffective:
“In the treatment of an individual patient, where proven interventions do not exist or other
known interventions have been ineffective, the physician, after seeking expert advice, with
informed consent from the patient or a legally authorised representative, may use an unproven
intervention if in the physician’s judgement it offers hope of saving life, re-establishing health or
alleviating suffering. This intervention should subsequently be made the object of research,
designed to evaluate its safety and efficacy. In all cases, new information must be recorded and,
where appropriate, made publicly available.”
It is beyond the intent and scope of this document to explain the many different ways in which
chlorine dioxide can be used. To learn more about how people use it, refer to Jim’s protocols
(which can be read about here https://www.mmsdrops.com/mms-protocols/) that use sodium
chlorite activated with an acid (it is recommended to use HCl at 4% rather than citric acid at 50%
for best tolerance and results). Alternatively, learn the different ways to use CDS from Andreas
Kalcker’s protocols here https://andreaskalcker.com/en/protocolos/ (the link includes a video
from Andreas on the preparation of CDS).
To Your Health,
Andreas Kalcker – Dióxido de Cloro ¿Veneno o Medicina? I Congreso Salud Censurada
Video “Teresa Forcades – ClO2 Seguro e Inofensivo 2018” which has since been removed by
The many video lectures, conferences and interviews of Andreas Kalcker and of MMS found on
YouTube, though a great number of big channels and videos on the subject have been removed
by YouTube the last few days