4 thoughts on “Creepy Joe Biden Says Child Gave Him “Permission To Touch Him”!

    • Hello Holly, thanks for dropping by! Notably this is not just Trump sycophants, many Progressive Liberals who demand real change are calling out the Democratic Party, challenging the DNC’s hallow talking points. Biden is a convenient puppet for the illiberal establishment, problem is he’s not a very good orator and inspired leader like Obama was. And he carries a lot of personal baggage, touching ppl inappropriately is just one.


  1. Well, Riden With Biden will be a HECK of a BETTER DEAL then 4 more years of a Trump Card!

    At least Biden is accountable, transparent, and has the experience. The only thing Mr. Trump has given Americans in the last 3-yrs and 6 months is being “a too late President” on just about everything and now late with leading people through this pandemic has now doubled the deficit that will take your children’s great-grandchildren to pay off, a depression, no jobs, and blasted our economy because as he said: “this pandemic will miraculously go away like it never happened” for months B4 acting. Now he responsible for over 132,000 DEATHS. Sickening when it all could have been prevented don’t you think?


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    • Well, you’ll have no argument from me, I totally agree. The problem with Biden is his platform or lack thereof. He stands for nothing and admitted he’ll offer nothing new for the ppl, just status quo Joe.
      Do me a favor and watch the last 2 mins of this video starting @ 4:18. Is Jimmy wrong??
      As a liberal, we could do so much better than Joe, who vows to cut medicare and social security as soon as he’s elected. Yet he still caters to DNC’s Wall St donors and fundraisers from big banks? Sounds like a Republican to me. Sadly it’s a race to the bottom, no matter who wins – we all lose.


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