♪Massive Attack – The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval

The song is called “The Spoils”, which comes from the phrase “To the victor go the spoils”. The speaker in the song is in love with a person who is in involved with another woman. This other woman is the victor; to her go the spoils. The person they both love is “the spoils”. Out of pure love and a desire for her love’s happiness, she lets him/her go. The speaker is dealing with the pain of that loss and the infinite emotional distance there must be between herself and the person she loves; and across that distance, over time, the painful image of the person she loves ossifies, fades; but she’s still holding on to him/her. That hopeless love — it never leaves her.

2 thoughts on “♪Massive Attack – The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval

    • Perfectly understandable, it’s a style singers employ to shape the mood, create an ambiance, or colour the soundscape for more feeling. This technique may incorporate slurring of words, random accentuations, blending/ bending inflections, tonal distortions.
      It’s fascinating when done right, have another listen in a darkened room with your eyes closed. The song is quite immersive when you listen without thinking about the words. That stillness, silence beyond word & mind is where the magic happens!
      Cheers David ❤


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