♪Steely Dan – FM – extended version!

Perfect blend of funk, jazz & soul… doesn’t get much better than Steely Dan

Four versions of the song “FM” by Steely Dan exist, officially. The first is the full length version, which appeared on the soundtrack to the film FM and the 12-inch single. The original version features Walter Becker’s guitar solo outro. The second version of the song is the 7-inch single featuring a radio edit of the song, shortening the solo and running time. The single’s b-side was “FM (reprise)”, an instrumental (third) version of the song with an extended Pete Christlieb sax solo, and no guitar solo. A fourth version of “FM” was created by removing the guitar solo from the end of the original track, and using the “FM (reprise)” saxophone version as a new ending, The hybrid version appears on the 1991 compilation Gold (Expanded Edition), as well as the Citizen Steely Dan box set. What I’ve done here is created an extended version using both guitar AND sax solo versions, in that order.

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