The War for Dependence

by Jeff Thomas

No, that’s not a typo.

In 1776, residents of the American colonies took the very risky step of going to war with a then-powerful Britain – a War for Independence.

At that time, it was quite a courageous act, one that was a direct result of grievances:

Taxation: Colonists were angry over increased taxation, which at that time was only about 1%. But they got little in return, as the UK did not defend them against the native Americans. Colonists were instructed to sort out their own protection.

Production: The colonists were also angry because most of their export product went to the UK and they were paid very little for it, whilst goods shipped from England to the colonies carried a high price, which often left the colonists in debt to English exporters.

Self-determination: But they particularly resented the fact that, although the colonies functioned quite well on their own, and local representatives in the House of Burgesses were entirely capable of establishing law for the colonies, the UK made the bigger legislative decisions. These decisions were often regarded as arbitrary or usurious.

The colonists rightly concluded that Mother England regarded the colonies as milk cows, and the colonists longed to go it alone.

In going to war with England, the colonists took a great risk – declaring war against a country with the world’s most well-trained army, when they themselves only had training as guerilla fighters. They also possessed little actual money to finance a war. Most of their silver reales ended up in England, in payment for goods.

But the reward was potentially great: the opportunity to be self-determining and to enjoy the fruits of their labours themselves.

This was a revolution of a people that were seeking to be self-reliant.

Today, some 244 years later, America has begun a rebellion that may evolve into a war of sorts, yet this war would not be as straightforward as the War for Independence.

This war would be quite the opposite – a War for Dependence.

Taxation: This time round, Americans are not complaining about excessive taxation, although the tax level is far beyond that of America circa 1776. In fact, they don’t object to increased taxation, if it may result in greater largesse from the government.

Production: Another contrast is that America is no longer a net-exporter. The nation has ceased to be productive and now consumes far more than it produces.

Self-determination: The colonies in the eighteenth century had been very sensible and responsible for the most part as regards legislation. Politicians were locals, arguing in favour of benefits for locals, whilst the “central government” – Britain – was in no way representative and passed legislation that was both arbitrary and usurious.

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Today, both state and federal government are utterly corrupt and are part of the same dysfunctional system. All levels of government are parasitic and are in no way representative. This is equally true regardless of political party, although many Americans imagine that one party is somehow less corrupt than the other.

So, logically, it should not be surprising if the people of the US were to wish to topple the government, as Thomas Jefferson recommended, in order to return to diminished taxation, increased production and self-determination.

But in fact, the opposite objective is sought by protestors.

Roughly half of all Americans now seek greater dependency upon the government that has been milking them all their lives. And the other half do not seek the opposite goal of minimal government and self-reliance. They are verbally opposed to socialism, yet, without understanding it, they favour a milder form of socialism – a sort of “socialism-lite.”

The rebels are behaving in extraordinarily irrational ways. They rail against “systematic racism,” yet their claims of racist atrocities are in no way borne out by actual statistics. Their reaction has been to ignore the statistics and maintain their incorrect claims.

They protest heavily for the defunding of police, yet protest organisers file written requests for police presence to ensure their safety at protest events.

And those politicians who support the rebels and have voted for defunding police have increased their own personal armed security at the expense of the taxpayer.

The rioters have developed a penchant for tearing down statues. This began with statues of Confederate soldiers, but has now expanded mindlessly to the destruction of anti-slavery heroes such as Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

But underlying these demands, today’s rebels demand free college for all, a guaranteed basic income, free health care, and a host of other new benefits.

This is a revolution of a people that are seeking to be dependent upon others.

It has rightly been said that, in war, the first casualty is truth. It could also be said that the first casualty of rebellion is logic and reason. And, surely, we are witnessing logic and reason biting the dust.

It matters little which statue goes down. The idea is destruction – any destruction will do. This is true of all property, personal or otherwise. Rioters have no concern for which buildings get torched, whose cars are burned. The object is to destroy, not create.

And the cost of the demands now being made is so great that, even if the rich were to be taxed at 100% of their income, the revenue would not be sufficient to pay the bill.

This is a collectivist revolution, one in which one group of people – those in the majority – demand that the other group pay for whatever the first group’s desires may be. This is a War for Dependence.

So what will the outcome be?

Well, the War for Independence was a logical one – a quest for self-determination. If such a revolution succeeds, those who seek only to be free to enjoy the fruits of their labour have a good chance at success, following the war.

However, historically, in every instance in which a war – however large or small – was fought for dependence, the outcome has been that the conquerors were more autocratic and domineering than the previous rulers and the increased dependence resulted not in increased largesse, but diminished benefits and eventual poverty.

So how will this one end? Will more sensible heads prevail? History suggests that that will not be the outcome. A mild war would end with the existing government still in control, but with their control enhanced, to the detriment of all citizens.

An overturning of the government is less likely, but should it happen, history again informs us that the outcome is likely to be a new government that is significantly more oppressive than the existing one.

The party is just getting started and the reader may well feel that this one will not end well. The statue in the image above will be coming down, both literally and figuratively.

Editor’s Note: Economically, politically, and socially, the United States seems to be headed down a path that’s not only inconsistent with the founding principles of the country but accelerating quickly toward boundless decay.

It’s contributing to a growing wave of misguided socialist ideas.

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Big Pharma achieves total legal immunity for coronavirus vaccines; even as vaccine injections will be FORCED onto billions of people, potentially killing tens of millions

Sunday, August 02, 2020 by: 

Image: Big Pharma achieves total legal immunity for coronavirus vaccines; even as vaccine injections will be FORCED onto billions of people, potentially killing tens of millions

(Natural News) We have now arrived at the ultimate moneymaking scam for Big Pharma, a corrupt, criminal industry that’s going to great lengths to pressure Big Tech to censor all speech that doesn’t earn them more profits. Now, vaccine manufacturers like AstraZeneca are openly bragging about how they’ve achieved absolute legal immunity from all side effects caused by coronavirus vaccines, even as “Dr. Evil” Fauci and other pawns of the vaccine industry are pushing for mandatory vaccine injections for billions of people.

You have no right to say no, in other words, but you also have no right to sue if their product turns out to be faulty and causes injury or harm.

This is now the status quo of the lawless, anti-human vaccine industry and all its corrupt collaborators such as Big Tech, Big Media, medical schools and complicit medical journals.

“AstraZeneca has been granted protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine hopeful by most of the countries with which it has struck supply agreements,” reports Reuters. “The United States… already has a law to exclude tort claims from products that help control a public-health crises in the form of the 2005 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness, or PREP Act.”

The vaccine will be forced upon you, in other words, regardless of its safety status. Long-term trials are being completely skipped. Animals trials have been largely abandoned. And Moderna, the most prominent vaccine manufacturer on the covid-19 scene, has publicly admitted that 100% of clinical trial subjects experienced negative side effects in the high dose group, during the second round of injections.

Bill Gates is now publicly stating that “multiple doses” of coronavirus vaccines will need to be forced on people around the world, yet we already see that even during the second dose — not the mention third or fourth doses — side effects hit every single person, indicating they get cumulatively worse with an incremental number of doses.

Greed-driven vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to make coronavirus vaccines safe

The utter lack of financial liability means that vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to follow quality control measures. Since they can’t be sued when their faulty vaccine products cause injury or death, there’s no incentive to make their vaccines safe during manufacturing. Instead, the priority is to rush everything into production as quickly as possible in order to maximize profits and be among the first to market.

Adding to the conspiracy, tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter will of course censor all reports of vaccine injuries, making it nearly impossible for anyone to lodge an honest online complaint about vaccine safety.

Here’s how that will work: The CDC will declare the faulty, dangerous vaccines to be “safe,” then anyone who questions that will be censored by the tech giants for “not following CDC guidelines” or some similar excuse.

Thus, companies like Moderna, Pfizer, Astrazeneca or Bayer could produce flat-out lethal vaccines that kill millions of people, and there is no mechanism in society by which any whistleblower could raise the alarm or bring one of the vaccine manufacturers to court.

Due process has just been obliterated. You have no right to any trial. You have no right to say no. You must comply or lose your job, and you might in fact be denied access to public transportation or even public shopping spaces.

You are now living in a medical police state, run by Big Pharma tyrants and junk science quacks who pretend to be the high priests of “truth.” All those who oppose them will be silenced, and you will be injected against your will with a toxic cocktail of experimental medicine that might just kill you. If you complain, you will be de-platformed. If you sue, your case will be thrown out. If you die, your death will be recorded as a “covid-19” death in order to push more justification for more vaccines.

On top of all that, the vaccines probably won’t even work.

YOU will have to pay all the medical costs stemming from vaccine injuries

By achieving absolute legal immunity for unsafe, rushed, experimental vaccines, the vaccine drug giants have transferred all financial risk to you, the patient.

You will have to bear all the hospitalization costs, funeral costs and lifelong injury costs associated with their toxic vaccines. They have no liability whatsoever.

This arrangement — essentially U.S. Congress-approved collusion between Big Pharma and rich, elite lawmakers who accept campaign contributions from the industry — is outrageous. It strips the people of due process rights while shifting cost burdens from Big Pharma to the very people who are being forcibly injected against their wishes.

You are forced to take the shot, in other words, and then forced to pay for the injuries caused by the shot. Big Pharma gets away scot-free, pocking all the profits while facing none of the financial liability for their dangerous, untested vaccine cocktails.

The CDC, FDA and WHO are all in on the scam, of course, as is the corporate media, medical journals and Big Tech. That’s because they all get kickbacks from Big Pharma. The money flows like water as millions of people face injuries or death from an unsafe, unproven vaccine medical experiment that clearly violates Nuremberg principles abolishing medical experiments on human beings.

It’s no wonder so many Americans are now publicly asserting that they will defend their lives against any vaccine assault, which is technically an assault with a deadly weapon.

If the government forces you to be injected with something, it’s insane to simultaneously claim that YOU have to bear the financial burden stemming from injury or death

Obviously, if the government forces some medical intervention upon you, depriving you of the choice to say no, they can’t simultaneously force you pay the medical costs and cover the lost work income stemming from injury caused by those very same medical interventions. This is the government demanding vaccine victims cover the product liability costs that should be covered by the manufacturer.

Imagine if the government forced all Americans to buy Ford Pinto cars, and then granted Ford total immunity from any liability related to those cars exploding. That would be the government forcing you to subject yourself to risk of real harm from a faulty product (the Pintos exploded when lightly tapped from the rear) while simultaneously forcing you to cover the costs of injury and hospitalization stemming from the faulty product itself.

That’s insane. It’s rigged. It is unjust, and it deprives Americans of their basic constitutional rights. Yet it’s exactly what Congress has put in place for vaccine manufacturers, who have a long, dark history of science fraud, criminal price fixing, rigging clinical trials and lying to government regulators.

In fact, it’s difficult to find an industry run by more criminal-minded fraudsters than the vaccine industry, which routinely lies and deceives the U.S. public, falsely claiming that vaccines harm no one even as the U.S. government itself releases quarterly statistics detailing an astonishing number of people (mostly children) who are maimed, hospitalized and killed by vaccines. You can download the government statistics yourself at

Dr. Mikovits warns the coronavirus vaccine might kill 50 million Americans

Dr. Judy Mikovits, who have been viciously attacked by the vaccine-controlled media, recently explained that she believes a COVID-19 vaccine might kill as many as 50 million people in the United States. Via

“So now you’re going to inject an agent, into every cell in the body. I just can’t even imagine a recipe for anything other than what I would consider mass murder on a scale where 50 million people will die in America from the vaccine.”

Dr. Mikovits was interviewed by Brian Rose, who has been featuring interviews with David Icke who claims there is no virus and that 5G cell towers are the sole cause behind what he calls a “fake” pandemic. For the record, we strongly disagree with David Icke, and we believe that Brian Rose appears to be riding a wave of incredibly popular but utterly false disinformation in his interviews with Icke. Nevertheless, we also believe that every person should be allowed to voice their views on the pandemic, including Icke and Rose, even if they’re wildly wrong in their conclusions. We would hope that the public might be intelligent enough to make their own decisions about what to believe.

Watch Dr. Mikovits in a separate interview here, and decide for yourself:

Dr. Judy Mikovits has been vehemently opposed to wearing masks, and she has become one of the most prominent voices of dissent against the corrupt medical establishment when it comes to COVID-19. We disagree with her anti-mask position, but we strongly agree that these rushed, largely untested COVID-19 vaccines are, indeed, a recipe for disaster. While it’s hard to say exactly how many people might die from the vaccines over time — usually from a hyperinflammatory response invoked from subsequent exposure to new infections — we absolutely agree that tens of millions of lives will be placed at risk in the United States of America all by itself, not to mention other nations.

Whether the number of Americans who die from faulty vaccines is one million or fifty million is difficult to know in advance, but what we do know is that Big Pharma doesn’t care one bit how many people die. Their only concern is how much money they can make by selling a rushed, faulty product that utterly lacks anything that could honestly be called “comprehensive safety testing.”

So the core claim of Dr. Mikovits is correct, even if the final number may not be exactly 50 million. That’s why her voice is so important right now, as she’s one of the few courageous, informed individuals who is warning us all about the mass murder that’s about to be carried out by the vaccine industry in the name of corporate profits.

It’s worth noting, by the way, that Mikovits doesn’t agree with Icke, either. Mikovits knows the coronavirus is real, even if it’s now a lot less lethal because we have much better knowledge of how to beat it with hydroxychloroquine, nutrition and similar efforts.

My guess is that neither one of them will be lining up to get vaccinated against the coronavirus… and I won’t be getting vaccinated either. In fact, I’ve already publicly stated that anyone who attempts to assault me with a vaccine injection (weapon) will have to contend with my Glock.

Vaccine vs. Glock? Glock wins.

An assault with a vaccine is an assault with a deadly weapon, and every human being has the right to defend themselves against medical violence. This is a fundamental principle of human rights that the vaccine industry has now utterly abandoned.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that any person who attempts to forcibly inject any other person with a vaccine against their will should be halted from carrying out their assault by every legal means available. In Texas, by the way, it is legal to use a firearm to prevent a felony assault.

Unsafe vaccines are medical violence. Medical violence against children is child abuse. It’s time to stop the medical violence.

Stay informed. Read and find more videos at