Krystal Ball: Kamala Pick Puts Obama Legacy Over Beating Trump

Krystal & Saagar spells out the neoliberal DNC and their sellout corporate agenda.

Cindy Klenk
“Electable?” the one that Tulsi Gabbard shredded in the debates and hoisted upon her own petard?. Thats’ very electable. I am sure they have already started voter shaming. I voted GREEN in 2016 after Bernie ripped off all of the donors and people that worked for him,. I shall be voting green again. i SHALL NOT vote for evil either < or > it is still evil.
Kamala is the exact opposite of what the left wants. She comes from a family of slave owners. She put pot smokers behind bars, then held them there past their parole date for free labor (slavery runs in the family I guess). She put black people in jail then kept them there by denying DNA tests that eventually set them free after she was out of office. She got her start and advanced her career by sleeping with the Mayor of San Francisco. She wanted to put single mothers in jail because their kids weren’t going to school. All of this while she laughs about it. This is why she never won a debate and never had any traction as a candidate. Racist Joe Biden and the racist DNC hand picked her just because she’s a minority, and in their racist thinking think that if you’re black you’re going to vote for a black candidate, if you’re a woman you’re going to vote for a woman candidate.
Karen G
Black women will vote for her because she’s a black women. White liberal women will vote for her because she is a light skinned comfortable black women. Those are the two voting blocks Dems need to win. That the the name of the politics game.

2 thoughts on “Krystal Ball: Kamala Pick Puts Obama Legacy Over Beating Trump

  1. Sadly, I think you’re being naive. While I would rather have Bernie as the candidate and anyone other than Kamala for VP, this is probably the toughest combination the Dems could assemble to face down the orange menace. By the way, Cindy, a green vote is a copout. You’re voting for Trump, whether you want to admit it or not.

    The problem with the left is that it doesn’t show up to vote. Nor do minorities most of the time. If they did, the governor and senators from Texas would be Hispanic.

    Everyone who has banked on support from youth, including Bernie, has been betrayed by them. Bernie could have won the nomination this year if his alleged supporters had gotten out of bed to vote. They didn’t. And statistically, teens and 20-somethings have been no shows in every election.

    We may have created a generation that expects change to occur with no effort. And that doesn’t happen, at least not the change you want. And you’ll say, well what about Portland? And I’ll say, you have 100 people putting themselves on the line out of 200,000 in that age group. Big fricking deal.


    • Hi Vic, the post is not about the VP or presidential candidate per se, they’re all useful puppets of the establishment. What Krystal & Saagar point out is the insincerity of the Democratic party, how they pretend to fight for the working stiff yet cater to powerful rich elite just like the Repubs do.
      Whichever party wins is irrelevant, same old policies in place and nothing fundamentally changes… that’s the way our ruling elite want it. We All Lose.
      I do agree with ur assessment that young “voters” are fickle and unreliable and thus politicians never consider their needs, ie living minimum wage, free or cheap college tuition, health care etc.


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