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There are real problems to be solved. And this is a trick of the human mind: to create unreal problems so that you become occupied with them while real problems go on growing. And this is an old strategy: politicians, priests, so-called religious leaders go on giving you pseudo problems to solve so that you become occupied with the pseudo.


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Marx referred to religion as a form of social control, and it does seem to serve that function in many countries, if no longer in the US. That said, any government has to serve a function of curbing abuses by individuals. It seems very much human nature to try to take advantage of one another. Thus standardized weights and currency were defined in order to limit cheating in commerce. As Milton Friedman famously said, there’s no morality in the free market system. In purest form, that system would have people starve to death when the no longer have an economic purpose. Literally. If we don’t want to work 16 hours per day seven days a week or see our parents and ourselves dying 20 years earlier, we require rules that all can abide, and that is a role for government. In NJ, car dealers wanted a day off, so they went to the state government to request a ban on selling cars on Sunday. Thus no dealer in the state can open on Sunday. They knew that if left in private hands, someone would force opening on Sunday, and competitive pressure would make them all do it.

    So to say that “The purpose of the US Constitution is to limit the power of the Federal government and not the American people” isn’t quite accurate. Adults, like children, need limits as well.

    It’s when the power of government is misused to benefits one group of citizens over the rest that we have a problem. “Government for the rich” is wrong.

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    • Great points uv made, it was Jefferson who sought to establish a federal government of limited powers, and said “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”.
      Gov’t for the rich is fascist – oligarchy, plutocracy or dictatorship is exploitative and harmful toward citizens it proclaims to serve.


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