Thanks to COVID-19, the sleazy, corrupt inner workings of the U.S. CDC are being exposed

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(Natural News) There is a war going on within the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and it implicates the type of data that is collected, the way data is interpreted, and how data is used to control people’s behaviors. There are corporate and political interests pulling at the CDC from multiple angles.

A group called CDC Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research (CDC SPIDER) are working diligently to disclose the sleazy corporate alliances that have taken over the CDC. More than a dozen senior scientists have filed an ethics complaint with the CDC Chief of Staff, highlighting the corporate and political interests that shape and influence CDC policies.

copy of the ethics violations has been sent to public watchdog organization, U.S. Right to Know. “It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests… and Congressional intent for our agency is being circumvented by some of our leaders,” the letter states. “What concerns us most, is that it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception. These questionable and unethical practices threaten to undermine our credibility and reputation as a trusted leader in public health.”

CDC updates provisional death count for covid-19, reveals underlying conditions that contribute to mortality

On August 26, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) surreptitiously updated the provisional death count for covid-19. Ninety-four percent of the provisional deaths for covid-19 included two to three other illnesses and chronic conditions that contributed to the fatality rate, leaving only 9,210 deaths caused solely by covid-19. This doesn’t mean that the virus isn’t a real issue; this means that the public health strategy for the covid-19 pandemic missed the point entirely. The greater problem during any infectious disease outbreak are the underlying health problems, immune deficiencies, use of immune suppressant drugs, and unhealthy lifestyles that set the stage for heightened mortality. Nothing was done to address these issues, not from the governments, corporations, the FDA or the CDC. Not to mention, there are covid-19 policies within several states that are under a Department of Justice investigation because the policies increased the spread of the infectious disease among the most vulnerable in the nursing homes. Iatrogenic causes of immune suppression and death are also a contributing factor to mortality. These issues are now coming to light at the CDC.

Will the underlying health problems that drove up covid-19 mortality be addressed by the CDC?

The reason why underlying health problems, chronic disease and immune deficiency are not addressed during a pandemic is because the CDC has influential and financial business ties to the very entities that cause the health problems throughout society in the first place. The CDC SPIDER ethics complaint cites a “troubling” relationship between soft drink giant Coca-Cola Co., an advocacy group backed by Coca-Cola, and two high ranking CDC officials named Dr. Barbara Bowman and Dr. Michael Pratt.

Dr. Bowman directed the CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention until June. She enjoyed an “irregular” relationship with Coca-Cola and the International Life Sciences Institute, which is a nonprofit corporate interest group created by Coca-Cola. Dr. Bowman regularly gave advice to a leading Coca-Cola advocate on how to influence world health authorities on policy matters surrounding sugary beverages.

Dr. Pratt was the senior Advisor for global Health in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Pratt also worked with the Coca Cola front group and helped lead deceptive studies on sugary beverages that were ultimately used to advocate for the sugary beverage and junk food industries. These revelations were made through a Freedom of Information Act request and show how Dr. Pratt used funds from Coca-Cola to co-write research papers to promote energy drinks and other sugary beverages. Pratt also enjoyed funding from the junk food industry to attend industry-sponsored events and conferences. The research is being used to hold a forum moderated by CDC scientist Janet Fulton, Chief of the CDC’s Physical Activity and Health Branch. The research is being used to assert that sugar laden foods and beverages are not the cause of obesity and chronic disease.

The relationship, in and of itself is troubling. The CDC should be protecting public health, not getting in bed with the junk food industry to push their unhealthy products that contribute to immune suppression, nutrient depletion, and heightened mortality rates from infectious disease outbreaks. The CDC should be addressing the underlying causes of disease that are fueling the pandemic, not working to promote unhealthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

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4 thoughts on “Thanks to COVID-19, the sleazy, corrupt inner workings of the U.S. CDC are being exposed

    • Hi Holly, what u say is totally true. However this post is about the CDC and how they manipulate case counts by changing definitions arbitrarily, catering to Big Pharma. That’s why cases inexplicably keep going up while deaths are dropping.
      CDC is now a propaganda agency of the medical industrial complex, corruptible, self serving and not science based. They are now exposed! Thx for dropping by 🙂


    • Please Tubes, take a deep breath… err nevermind, u might catch something. 😉
      Ur right about exposing the underlying sickness, and it’s mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical. The West is undergoing a great cleansing, all the rot brought to light, that’s a good thing.

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