♪Anna Moffo – “Signore, ascolta” & “Tu che di gel sei cinta”

Liu’s two arias from Puccini’s Turandot.  Just divine ❤

Legendary diva & goddess Maria Callas as Liu:

Maria Callas, soprano. Philharmonia Orchestra. Dir Tullio Serafin.

Signore, ascolta! Ah, signore, ascolta!
Liù non regge più, si spezza il cuor!
Ahimè, ahimè, quanto cammino col tuo nome nell’anima,
col nome tuo sulle labbra!
Ma se il tuo destino doman sarà deciso,
noi morrem sulla strada dell’esilio.
Ei perderà suo figlio, io l’ombra d’un sorriso.
Liù non regge più! Ah! Ah!

Julian Assange SHAM Trial Starting! FREE ASSANGE! #TheJimmyDoreShow

Sean L
Assange should be winning Pulitzer’s, not going to jail
F’ TheOligarchs
“When the government fears the people there is liberty, when the people fear their government there is tyranny” – Thomas Jefferson.
Kazil Ziya
Exactly , the one who exposed the criminals is being not only prosecuted but persecuted by the criminals. WTF !!!
Happy Robot
Thank god for you Jimmy, Julians fate is all our fate.
Charles Kesner
You tell them Jimmy. Almost laughable. The US is the most corrupt Oligarchy on the Planet with no morals whatsoever. Free Julian!