Songs of Victory! Free open air concerts coming to your country!

Cool, thank you Lada. Are you visiting Moscow for New Years?
Let’s meet up in Red Square! ❤

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I just found out and thought some of you might want to know! Two famous Russian bands, the Turetsky Choir and Soprano, are coming to your country between September 17 and 27, 2020.

The Songs of Victory concerts are free!

You have an opportunity to take part. In 2020 Songs of Victory take place in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy.

TIP: when looking to find the concert in your area, keep in mind! Each concert takes place on a central, and usually famous or symbolic, historic square or other place, in the open air. It’s free to all, but come early. The concerts are sponsored by the City of Moscow.

For more on how it works read my post full of awesome historic references:

Russian Choir Conquers Moscow, Berlin and New York With Striking Songs! #Victory75 #VictoryDay

Three really great concerts from past years, and my very interesting historic…

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