Top Biden Gaffes & Bloopers in September

Hey everyone, meet our future President, lol! 😉

Brandon Synowski

Brandon Synowski7 hours ago (edited)Biden’s most recent, and arguably his worst, blooper yet: Comes out to a hispanic campaign event and plays Despacito into the mic… you can’t make this up


Rainman2707 hours ago (edited)Pelosi said Trump hired that bug to land on Biden’s ear. Schiff, Nadler and Schumer plan a full investigation. It will be postponed until Schiff gets scaffolding to hold up his head.

Longboard 503

Longboard 5037 hours agoImagine how hard it would be to be Biden’s sign language guy

2 thoughts on “Top Biden Gaffes & Bloopers in September

  1. Have you heard the latest ? Trump has decided on herd mentality ( oops, immunity, things happen when Daddy Fred buys your degree) and he doesn’t even have a stuttering issue. That should only cost us about 3 million lives but it’s easier cause Trumps not smart enough to fight the virus. So he’s relying on advice from Scott atlas a radiologist who claims he’s with Stanford but they aren’t claiming him. Hope not to meet you guys in my ICU. It’s a monster of a death.

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    • Have you heard, Trump also promised us a cure all vaccine by Nov 1st, we’re all saved Hallelujah!
      But why wait when the stable genius already told us the cure back in July… just drink bleach and shine light inside our body!
      Trump has to be the most entertaining leader, well… aside from GW Bush, these clowns keep us laughing by making news everyday, lol. What more can we want from a President? 😉


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