♪Stanley Kubrick – Complete ballroom music used for ‘The Shining’

Sublime score for the movie “Shining”, well worth watching for the music alone. today’s movie writers, producers, directors can learn a lot about setting the mood, anticipation and suspense. Enjoy!

For the sound-track of his horror film, ‘The Shining’, director Stanley Kubrick used above all classical music, composed by Bartók, Penderecki, and Ligeti. However, for a few memorable scenes he also used four – more or less – ‘jazzy’ songs, which sound quite old-fashioned nowadays but were very popular in the early thirties (1931-1934), apparently, mainly in England. These old hits, in their original versions, have been gathered together in this video, the frames of which are taken from the scenes where the songs can be heard. That is:

1/ [00:00] Masquerade (by Jack Hylton and his Orchestra – singer: Pat O’Malley);
2/ [02:00] Midnight, the Stars and You (by Ray Noble and his Orchestra – singer: Al Bowlly);
3/ [05:30] It’s All Forgotten Now (by Ray Noble and his Orchestra – singer: Al Bowlly);
4/ [08:51] Home (by Henry Hall and his Gleneagles Hotel Band – singer: Maurice Elwin).

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