Joe Biden disqualified from 2020 election?

Fox News star Sean Hannity said recent bombshell allegations against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, should disqualify the longtime Delaware senator from the 2020 election.

According to a recent 87-page Republican-led Senate investigation, Hunter Biden received millions in payments from foreign companies while his father served as vice president under Barack Obama. The report called the situation “awkward” and “problematic” and a potential conflict of interest.

Hannity said the report should “immediately disqualify” Biden from the 2020 election.

“According to the report, Hunter actually raked in a whopping $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow — as in Russia — via a wire transfer,” Hannity said in his primetime show Wednesday night. “Hunter also opened a joint bank account with a Chinese national in order to fund a $100,000 shopping spree for members of his family. And that’s not all.”

Hannity said if it were President Donald Trump’s children implicated in such a scheme, the media would be in an uproar. He challenged the liberal-leaning media to ask Biden about the payments.

“Ask Joe Biden a serious question about what is an earth-shattering scandal,” the Fox News star said. “Imagine if this was Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump or Ivanka Trump or Barron Trump. Imagine the hysteria.”

Earlier, Hannity had addressed Biden directly with a series of questions on the potential conflict of interests his son’s business dealings presented while Biden was vice president.

“Why did you allow your son to use your position as vice president as leverage to make millions of dollars from sketchy oligarchs in Russia, China, Ukraine, all over the world?” Hannity asked rhetorically.

“Did you make any money from these deals? Is this why you refused to stand up to China and refused to support the travel ban, and you’d rather attack Donald Trump, who wisely implemented that travel ban ten days after the first identified case of corona?”

Meanwhile, Democrats dismissed the Republican-led Senate report as part of a Russian disinformation campaign aimed at amplifying tensions leading up to the 2020 general election.

“With the release of this report and two Senate Committee Chairs promoting the same Russian disinformation, the Kremlin must be very pleased,” Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said in the statement. “Everyone should see this report for what it is: an election year hit job that uses as its very basis Russian disinformation,”

The Horn editorial team

4 thoughts on “Joe Biden disqualified from 2020 election?

  1. Well for Tubularsock it is clear that at every level the families that go into politics go into it FOR PROFIT.

    Are there any standards?

    Tubularsock just loves it when the likes of lowlifes like Sean Hannity start to lectures us about corruption ………. too funny!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup, definitely part of their DNA to backstab, take bribes and sell out to the highest bidder.
      When Hannity starts moralising about corruption… the fat lady has sung! Collapse is near as the system implodes upon itself.
      No matter who wins… we all lose!


    • Quite right about Trump. My point being: ALL politicians by their very nature are corrupt and immoral. Do you honest feel that it’s alright for a son of the VP to collect millions for doing nothing? Clearly it’s a payoff from Russia, China, Ukraine to gain access and special favors from the Obama White House. Or have you bought into the media propaganda that graft and corruption is perfectly acceptable when committed by liberals but criminal when done by conservatives?
      Double standard much?
      “Ask Joe Biden a serious question about what is an earth-shattering scandal,” the Fox News star said. “Imagine if this was Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump or Ivanka Trump or Barron Trump. Imagine the hysteria.”
      All corruption must be investigated fully and thoroughly. We need an Eliot Ness type investigator, not a phony showman like Mueller.

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