Massive election fraud conspiracy in Georgia BROKEN WIDE OPEN by The Gateway Pundit – see the details

I’d like butter on my popcorn please…. evidence unfolding by the day. Perhaps the Dems did cheat?

Monday, December 07, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The Gateway Pundit has blown a massive criminal conspiracy in Georgia wide open, exposing the players who appear to have faked a “water main” leak in order to shut down ballot counting, then spent the next several hours scanning fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden, rigging the election via conduct that appears to be criminal.

The Gateway Pundit’s original story, found at this link, details all the players involved, providing photograph evidence, video evidence and more.

Here’s the original story from TGP:

HUGE! WE CAUGHT THEM! Conspiracy Revealed — 3rd Suspect in GA “Suitcase Scandal” is Also the Same Man Who Spread Lies that Water Main Broke in State Farm Center!

Ralph Jones, Sr. was identified as the third suspect in the Fulton County Georgia suitcase scandal.

** Ralph led a team of operatives in carrying out a massive voter fraud scandal on election night at the State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

** Ralph and his team plotted to remove ALL elections observers (Republicans) from the counting room so they could roll out their suitcases full of Joe Biden ballots and run them through the machine.

** Ralph Jones told local Atlanta news channel 11Alive that a water main broke at the State Farm Arena and counting would be suspended. — This was a lie.

** Then Ralph Jones, Sr., Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Ross went to work rolling out the hidden suitcases of ballots stashed under the table and hidden from view.

** It was their actions that gave Joe Biden the spike in unexplained votes in Georgia on Wednesday morning.

** It was a conspiracy to lie to the public including local news, to remove observers from the center and then to commit their hidden suitcase ballot fraud.

Here is what Ralph told 11Alive:

Fulton County election officials said they are behind – possibly by about two hours – counting absentee ballots after a pipe burst near a room at State Farm Arena where some of those ballots were being held.

According to election officials, none of the ballots were damaged in the process. No voting equipment was effected either, officials said.

Fulton County Registration chief Ralph Jones said that the pipe burst just after 6 a.m. Tuesday in the room above where they ballots were being kept, and water was draining down to the left side of the room where the ballots were.

State Farm did come to fix the issue – which was repaired by about 8 a.m. – but there was a brief delay in tabulating the absentee ballots while the repairs were being made, Jones said.

We know this was a lie because there was NEVER a work order filed and the water department never received a call.
It never happened!

But it gave Ralph and Ruby and Shaye cover to complete their scam on Georgia and America!

We’ve reported numerous times on events in Georgia on election night at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.  We’ve now uncovered more on the incident that exemplifies the 2020 election in Georgia.

On election night we were told that voting stopped in Georgia’s State Farm Arena due to a water main break.  President Trump was way ahead in the election at that time.  But a couple days later we uncovered that the water main break never happened.  First an attorney in the Atlanta area asked for information related to the event via an freedom of information request and he shared with us that the only item he received was a couple of text messages related to the event:

After posting this, we found out that the water department in Atlanta never even received a call regarding the water main break.
It was a scam.

Next it was uncovered that a mother and daughter team, Ruby Freeman and her daughter “Shaye” Ross as well as a couple others, stuck around after sending everyone home and started running ballots through tabulators.  Ballots were pulled out from under a table that were previously covered up and processed with no Republican observers.

The mother – daughter team have become infamous in the annals of voter corruption:


On Sunday night we uncovered another observation of events that night.

One of the other individuals who stuck around moved from his regular station and moved to another cube where he held numerous calls with someone as the ballot counting went on.  Yaacov Apelbaum at the Illustrated Primer points out where this mysterious man in red placed himself:

According to the composite, the man in red makes two phone calls on Election Night at 10:58pm which then triggers the removal of the ballot cases from under the table covered in black material.  Within a couple minutes four boxes of ballots are wheeled out from under the table.

We now believe the man taking the calls and organizing the massive “suitcase” scandal that night is Ralph Jones.

Ralph Jones is the registrations chief at Fulton County Government.

We have video of Ralph Jones taking time out to speak with Ruby Freeman while she was filmed counting ballots.

Here is the video of Ralph and Ruby Freeman.

Ralph Jones Jr. has his own consulting firm and did work for Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.
Mayor Bottoms paid Ralph Jones Jr’s consulting firm $3,600 during her runoff last year.

And then she won her runoff! What a great investment!

The AJC reported on Keisha and Ralph in 2018.

According to records obtained by Channel 2 Action News and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the campaign paid more than $3,600 to RJ Mays Consulting, whose registered agent is Ralph Jones Sr., registration chief of the county’s election department.

The filings raise questions about potential conflicts of interest and what experts called an alarming lack of separation between a top election employee and active political campaign.

And Ralph’s son Ralph Jones Jr. was Keisha’s online social media director.

FYI — We have a huge update coming on this guy.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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Situation Update, Dec. 6th – China owns DOMINION, and controls all the officials who run the machines at every level of government

A Georgia Dominion voting machine has been obtained, shows clear evidence of flipping Trump votes to Biden

If true, this leaves the door open for Trump claims of voter fraud and warrants further investigation.

Monday, December 07, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) Democrats are growing more nervous with each passing day, as testimonies pour in, detailing systemic election fraud. A sworn affidavit was filed with Georgia’s Secretary of State. The affidavit testifies that the Dominion Voting machines switched votes from Trump to Biden in Ware County, Georgia. The affidavit was signed by Garland Favorito, a career IT professional who has been a leading advocate for election integrity in Georgia over the past twenty years. Favorito supported neither candidate in the election, but quickly observed irregularities while reviewing the vote updates in Georgia.

Favorito has allegedly obtained a Dominion voting machine and proven that it switched .26% of the vote (37 votes) from Trump to Biden in Ware County. When extrapolated to the entire state, this equals at least 14,000 votes — more than enough to steal the election. Now that Dominion voting machines have been caught flipping votes to Biden in Georgia, the military must be called in to seize the machines and conduct a forensic audit of the software across all Georgia counties. There is now precedent in Georgia that would allow for President Donald Trump to invoke the Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

Secretary of State Raffensperger was warned about malfunctioning Dominion machines, but chose them anyway

Last year, Georgia contracted with Dominion Voting systems to automate vote tabulation in all of the state’s 159 counties. This foreign-owned company had previously been rejected by Texas and other election commissions around the country. The corrupt system was caught transferring 6,000 votes in Antrim County, Michigan, but this wouldn’t be the only “glitch” to occur in the 2020 election.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was warned several times not to buy Dominion, and precincts across the state ultimately reported malfunctions with the system during the summer’s primary elections. Raffensperger disregarded the warnings and the malfunctions, and he decided to let Dominion manipulate the Georgia ballot count anyway. An criminal investigation of Raffensperger is now warranted.

Whistle-blower documents irregularities, potential for mail-in ballot fraud, ballot box drop off fraud in Georgia

Two days after the 2020 Presidential election, Favorito observed a surge of approximately 20,000 mail-in votes, all for Biden. During the update, approximately 1,000 votes for Trump mysteriously disappeared from his totals.

“I concluded from looking at these results that this was an irregularity, since there was no obvious reason for President Trump’s totals to have decreased while former Vice President Biden’s totals increased dramatically,” wrote Favorito in a sworn affidavit. He warned of two possibilities: either the software switched Trump votes to Biden or Biden ballots were manufactured en masse. Biden currently leads Trump by a margin of some 14,000 votes in the state.

The large disparity of gains between the two candidates “was something I had never witnessed before in my years of election monitoring,” said Favorito, warning that it’s a statistical red flag of mass fraud when one candidate jumps by 20,000 votes and the other candidate gets none. Favorito also warned that vote-swapping malware could have been used to infect the system or it could have been done manually. Did someone dump a large batch of mail-in ballots into the system overnight, all manufactured in advance to push Biden into the lead? There is now video evidence of that.

Raffensperger changed the rules on absentee ballots in 2020. Previously, a voter would have to go to the county election office and show an ID to prove that they filled out their unique ballot. This year, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams helped convince Raffensperger to approve hundreds of ballot drop boxes that were distributed in shopping centers and other unofficial locations throughout the state. Ballot drop boxes are known for fraud, allowing for third parties to illegally use the names of voters to stuff the ballot boxes. This is why a forensic signature audit is so important right now, to confirm that systemic fraud was not conducted via ballot stuffing.

Favorito reports that there were a disproportionately large number of “Biden-only” ballots cast late — days after the election count was halted early on November 3rd at 10:30pm. These are ballots that are filled out only for the Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, with the remaining down ballot races left unchecked. This influx of Biden-only ballots is a red flag that ballot stuffing fraud occurred. Since more than 534,000 mail-in ballots were rejected during the Democratic primaries earlier in the year, it is possible that Trump could’ve beat Biden by hundreds of thousands of votes in Georgia, especially when all the software glitches are accounted for and when all the ballot stuffing fraud is negated.

Master cyber forensic specialist joins Team Sidney Powell, says physically impossible to scan votes into machines as fast as they were added

Monday, December 07, 2020 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) Retired U.S. Army Col. Phil Waldron, a cyber security expert who is working alongside President Donald Trump’s campaign to prove massive vote fraud took place on election night, handing several swing states to Joe Biden, told an Arizona Senate panel in recent days that 35,000 fake votes were given to each Democratic Party candidate.

He knows this, he said, because an anonymous whistleblower told him as much in an email. But it wasn’t just any anonymous whistleblower. 

Holding a copy of the email during the hearing, Waldron alleged that the information was given to him by a Pima County tech support provider. The whistleblower said that he also provided the information to the Justice Department.

The email said that Pima County and the Democratic Party “added fraud votes in the initial vote-by-mail totals released at 8 p.m. on Nov. 3,” according to Waldron.

And there’s this: Waldron said, “Our team mostly focused on ‘Spike Analysis’ — which were an electronic injection of a lot of votes…and where the number of votes that were injected in a specific time period exceeded the ability of the scanners to process and upload ballots.”

Translation: Votes were added to ballot machines at a rate faster than physically possible, which means that they had to have been ‘injected’ electronically.

Impossible, right? Hardly. 

It turns out that Waldron isn’t the only cyber forensics expert who thinks so.

Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, a cyber forensic expert’s expert, does too. And the good news is he has joined attorney Sidney Powell’s effort to expose the massive fraud we all know occurred on election night.

Andrea Widburg at American Thinker has more

Dr. Kershavarz-Nia’s name may not mean a lot to you, but it’s one of the weightiest names in the world when it comes to sniffing out cyber-security problems.

We know how important Dr. Kershavarz-Nia is because, just two and a half months ago, the New York Times ran one of its Sunday long-form articles about a massive, multi-million-dollar fraud that a talented grifter ran against the American intelligence and military communities. Dr. Kershavarz-Nia is one of the few people who comes off looking good.

And what does the Times have to say? Only this

Navid Keshavarz-Nia, those who worked with him said, “was always the smartest person in the room.” In doing cybersecurity and technical counterintelligence work for the C.I.A., N.S.A. and F.B.I., he had spent decades connecting top-secret dots. After several months of working with Mr. Courtney, he began connecting those dots too. He did not like where they led.

And without even examining the machines — looking only at the available data — Nia has already concluded the same thing Waldron has: It was physically impossible to load as many ballots as were loaded into voting machines in the timeframe the votes were supposedly scanned in.

“The favorable votes pouring in after hours for Biden could not be accounted for by a Democrat preference for mailed in ballots. They demonstrated manipulation. For example, in Pennsylvania, it was physically impossible to feed 400,000 ballots into the machines within 2–3 hours,” he said in a sworn affidavit given to Powell.

He also noted, “The simultaneous decision in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia to pretend to halt counting votes was unprecedented and demonstrated a coordinated effort to collude toward desired results.

Nia also said the CIA software “Hammer and Scorecard is real, not a hoax, and both are used to manipulate election outcomes.”

Translation: “The smartest person in the room” agrees with Powell and other cyber experts who have examined the available data and considered witness statements given in affidavits.

The 2020 election was stolen from the American people. The only question that remains is, what are we going to do about it?

Stay current on all of the voter fraud allegations related to the 2020 election at

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Georgia Gov. Kemp calls for legitimate signature audit of mail-in ballots after damning CCTV video exposes massive election fraud

Now this is getting interesting….. evidence of proof? Hmmm…….

Monday, December 07, 2020 by: JD Heyes

(Natural News) President Donald Trump’s legal team will never get the credit they deserve from left-wing historians who will write a revisionist version of current political events for future textbooks.

But in reality, they deserve to be considered heroes for what they are doing to expose the biggest and most blatant election fraud since 1824 when Andrew Jackson was robbed of the presidency.

Lawyers working on behalf of the president to expose the fraud have been taking his case directly to state legislators in recent weeks after being shut out and shut down by left-wing judicial activists and cowards on state and federal courts — men who refused to even look at the troves of evidence the campaign has collected.

And on Thursday, Trump’s Georgia-based legal team presented damning video evidence that could actually serve to turn that state back around and give the president the victory he earned there.

The Conservative Treehouse reports

Stunning CCTV video footage of State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, shows that after poll monitors and media were told counting was done, four workers stayed behind to count mystery ballots. In the video the workers are seen pulling out suitcases containing ballots from underneath a table set up to hide their appearance.

The video evidence from Fulton County was played before the Georgia Senate Oversight Committee, members of the Press, and President Trump’s legal team.

“The number of potentially fraudulent ballots we’ve identified in Georgia is over 30 times greater than the margin separating Donald Trump and Joe Biden,” wrote Phil Kline, the former attorney general of Kansas and current director of the Amistad Project at the Thomas More Society, on Twitter.

Here’s the full presentation of the evidence:

Now, for weeks, Trump campaign lawyers have been trying to convince Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Gov. Brian Kemp, both of whom are Republicans, that the state was rife with massive fraud on, and shortly after, the Nov. 3 election. 

In addition to reams of sworn affidavits, Trump campaign lawyers and other attorneys not working with the president’s team — Sidney Powell and Lin Wood — have presented this evidence to courts of law, and now a Georgia state senate panel, in an attempt to get someone to acknowledge what happened and to re-enfranchise the millions of Trump voters.

Those efforts have been unsuccessful, until the video was presented as evidence.

Now, Kemp is calling on Raffensperger to order a full signature audit of absentee and mail-in ballots after seeing the footage.

“I called early on for a signature audit,” Kemp said in an interview with Fox News’s “Ingraham Angle,” adding “I think it should be done… I think, especially with what we saw today — it raises more questions.”

In the video, Jacki Pick, a lawyer who is only volunteering to help the Trump legal team in Georgia, said the team received video footage from State Farm Arena’s vote-tabulation center in Fulton County.

“According to Pick, an unusual occurrence took place … in the evening at around 10 p.m. local time: A woman — described as a blonde woman with braids — told workers to stop counting and notified everyone to go home,” The Epoch Times reported, citing the video.

“Everyone clears out, including the Republican observers and the press, but four people stay behind and continue counting and tabulating well into the night,” Pick said in narrating the action in the video. 

“What you’re going to see happen at about 11:00 is once everybody is gone, coast is clear, they’re going to pull ballots out from underneath a table. Watch this table,” she continued, pointing out the action. “We did not know when we first watched this, is it normal to store suitcases of ballots under a table, under a table cloth?”

“At about 8:00 in the morning … this table, the black one, was placed there by the lady with the blonde braids at about 8:22 in the morning. So she put that table there,” says Pick.

“So the same person who’s staying behind now, the same person who cleared the place out under the pretense that we’re going to stop counting, is the person who put the table there.” 

Georgia election officials claim there is nothing unusual about the suitcases, but Kemp obviously disagrees. 

Whether anything will come of this, we can’t say. But what is clear is that Trump’s legal team is full of patriots working hard to expose the massive fraud that thinking, rational Americans know occurred on Election Day and beyond.

Stay current on all of the election fraud allegations and evidence brought by the Trump campaign at

Sources include:

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Top 10 absurd COVID rules, regulations and mandates

Monday, December 07, 2020 by: S.D. Wells

(Natural News) There’s never been a bigger contradiction of rules, regulations, laws and just plain lack of common sense than we’re seeing right now in America, with the Covid lockdowns, mask mandates, social distancing and vehement push for a vaccine. It’s all a bunch of haphazard, mind-numbing, control-tripping, absurd contradictions that fly in the face of intellect, safety and health, but never mind all of that. Here we go, exposing the idiocy once again.

Let’s get right down to business with the nonsense

#1. Attention shoppers: You cannot bring your own bag to certain grocery stores (Trader Joes), and the clerks must be extra careful and use gloves to touch any cash money you use, but the clerks touch every single product with their bare hands that you just handled to put in the cart or basket, doesn’t matter if you just sneezed or coughed all over your hands or the items.

#2. Attention parents: All students attending school must have all of their own class materials and cannot dare share anything with other students, yet at P.E. or recess, they all touch the same equipment, swing sets, balls, bats, jump ropes, etc., then touch their mouth, nose, eyes and masks (if they even have them on outside at all).

#3. Attention hypochondriacs: Nearly every Covid mask being worn by civilians during the “pandemic” has holes that are 3 to 5 microns large, where the Covid virus is less than 2 microns in size, which is like throwing a tennis ball through a basketball hoop. Can you mumble “worthless” behind your mask without coughing? Don’t touch it! You’ll contaminate it instantly.

#4. Attention all vaccine fanatics: People rush to get flu shots, only to end up getting the flu or injured by the shot, or getting a worse case of the flu the next year due to the flu shot. Now they’re practically standing in line to get a Covid vaccine, which is rushed to market, untested for safety or efficacy, contains human abortion cells, and strains of Covid that are morphing as you read this, rendering the vaccine worthless and dangerous to boot. Vaccines are the most dangerous form of medicine, but most Americans think they’re 100 percent “safe and effective” because that’s all the media and CDC keep repeating, over and over.

#5. Business is for huge corporations only: All big box corporate stores are open, no matter how packed the parking lot and the store become, but no mid-size or small businesses can open for inside business, even if everyone was spread apart 6 feet with plastic barriers.

#6. Disinfection Overkill: Everyone is supposed to use hand sanitizer and bleach-mixed products to scrub, clean and spray all around their environment, and on themselves all day, but the human body needs some bad bacteria to create immunity, so these morons are decimating their own immune system by being germ paranoid and dosing themselves with chemicals and bacteria annihilating cleansers.

#7. The height of stupidity: People are literally driving in their cars with Covid masks on and jogging alone outside with a mask on, but they order take out and delivery of food all the time that’s just been touched by people they don’t know, can’t see and that could be sick with Covid while preparing that exact food.

#8. Masks that make you sick: People are wearing masks all day for immune safety and health purposes, but the masks themselves breed bacteria, limit oxygen supply, and 71 percent of the people who get Covid were wearing masks. Oops. Into the blazing fire goes that claim, along with herd theory.

#9. Gloves spread germs: People are wearing gloves to try to be safe, but then they just contaminate the gloves and keep touching stuff, spreading the germs, bacteria and viruses even more, plus they take the gloves off wrong, fueling more cross-contamination.

#10. Rallies vs. Riots: You’re a careless, fascist moron spreading disease if you go to a Trump rally with no mask, act perfectly peaceful, and refuse to social distance, but you’re a commendable social justice warrior exercising your constitutional rights if you belong to Antifa or Black Lives Matter and stand shoulder to shoulder in the metro-city streets screaming, with no masks, all while looting, burning, pillaging and mauling innocent people and their businesses.

Don’t surrender constitutional rights or you’ll never have them again

How much control are you willing to give the government, because remember, whatever rights you surrender will never be given back. That’s how rogue governments get so powerful. Use common sense and natural medicine, and be ready to fight for your constitutional rights.

Stay tuned to for updates on the vaccine that delivers fragments of a new covid, in a series of shots, that may be the death of billions of people. Everything is on the line right now. Stay frosty.

Sources for this article include: