Krystal and Saagar: Hunter Biden INVESTIGATED For Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, China Dealings

Scucci Tedescucci

Scucci Tedescucci11 hours agoWeird how rumors and slander and libel during the election cycle turn into “investigations” AFTER the election. Neat.


NA AA11 hours agoElection is over, we can now talk about this. Another example of how things will never fundamentally change

Russell Nelson

Russell Nelson11 hours agoBut MSM told me everything was fine…

Luka Day Lee

Luka Day Lee7 hours agoThe FBI requested Biden’s laptop months ago, this investigation isn’t breaking news, the media just refused to report on it to help Joe’s campaign. Journalism is dead


BoberFett8 hours agoLOL, did people actually believe Biden intended to “restore the soul” of anything other than his corruption ring?

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith9 hours ago“My son did nothing wrong, and when I’m president I’ll make sure he never gets caught doing it again.” Joe Biden

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