Situation Update, Dec. 11th – DoD de-fangs the CIA, 305th intel proves foreign interference, SCOTUS maneuvers

Friday, December 11, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) All the pieces are falling into place for a Trump victory. The circle is nearly complete.

In today’s Situation Update (for Dec. 11th), we bring you an astonishing collection of breaking news items, evidentiary documents and insider information that reveals President Trump and the DoD are winning the war against the deep state and the CIA.

President Trump recently tweeted that the attempted coup by the deep state would “escalate dramatically” as the American people realize, “A coup is taking place in front of our eyes, and the public can’t take this anymore.”

More than anyone else, Trump knows the escalation is nearly here, and he is preparing DoD, Special Forces and American patriots for the “final battle” that will determine the future of this constitutional republic.

Listen to my Situation Update here, and read the full detailed story below, which outlines the current scenarios involving SCOTUS, the Insurrection Act, the DoD, China and more.

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“Spider” is the expert cyber security witness trained by the 305th military intelligence battalion

Yesterday, military intelligence analyst Jeffrey Prather dropped a bombshell during his live broadcast: A military intelligence analyst code named “Spider” had filed a sworn statement in a lawsuit handled by attorney Sidney Powell. This sworn evidence was accepted by the court on Nov. 25th, and this same evidence is likely already being submitted to SCOTUS for the Texas lawsuit case which claims “irregularities” took place in the swing states.

We’ve archived and posted the full PDF at this link, in case it disappears everywhere else:

The document is one of the many bombshells — actually a MOAB — that will be dropped onto the bench of SCOTUS in the days ahead. Here’s some of what it states:

I was an electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence. I have extensive experience as a white hat hacker used by some of the top election specialists in the world. The methodologies I have employed represent industry standard cyber operation toolkits for digital forensics and OSINT, which are commonly used to certify connections between servers, network nodes and other digital properties and probe to network system vulnerabilities.

The document lays out the fact that Dominion voting systems had open, unencrypted passwords and remote access capabilities which were exploited by both China and Iran during the election. Through analysis of IP addresses, subdomain resolutions and other tracing techniques, the “white hat” cyber warfare expert testifying in this document was able to determine that foreign aggressors interfered in the 2020 election by remotely accessing Dominion voting machines and altering election outcomes. Some of the remote access infrastructure was also hosted out of Canada and the Netherlands, and financial support for the effort was also tied to Pakistan.

In addition, Dominion Voting Systems is shown to have sold intellectual property patents to communist China via the HSBC Bank in Canada. Importantly, one of the properties of at least one patent deals with ballot “authentication and verification.”

Guess who the inventor is? Eric Coomer, the very same radical left-wing corporate guy who promised that he had fixed the election so that Trump wouldn’t win. This same man, Eric Coomer, was then brought in by Georgia’s corrupt Sectary of State Brad Raffensperger to be a “witness” to defend all the last-minute software changes that were made to the Dominion voting machines used in Georgia to steal the election.

Actual quote from Eric Coomer: “Don’t worry about the election — Trump’s not gonna win!

The document reveals how Dominion vote tabulation machines alter election outcomes through a complex mechanism that obscures the original votes and produces a “win” for the pre-selected candidate. It even features a step called “decorate” which is all about formatting the results into something that seems believable:

The conclusion on all this is jaw-dropping. From the sworn statement (emphasis added):

In my professional opinion, this affidavit presents unambiguous evidence that Dominion Voter Systems and Edison Research have been accessible and were certainly compromised by rogue actors, such as Iran and China. By using servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials, these organizations neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access data and intentionally provided access to their infrastructure in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent one in 2020. This represents a complete failure of their duty to provide basic cyber security. This is not a technological issue, but rather a governance and basic security issue: if it is not corrected, future elections in the United States and beyond will not be secure and citizens will not have confidence in the results.

The Kraken has struck.

Don’t forget, either, that China owns Dominion Voting Systems. This means our national election was run on machines owned by a foreign enemy who has already compromised and corrupted one of the candidates: Joe Biden. Of course they rigged the election for “their” candidate whom they could control after a “victory.”

This evidence is now in the hands of DNI John Ratcliffe

This sworn document is now in the hands of DNI John Ratcliffe, who Trump put into place in May of this year. Ratcliffe, you may recall, is due to issue a classified analysis report on Dec. 18th — next Friday — that reports on whether the 2020 election was subjected to foreign interference.

This report is demanded by Trump’s Sep. 12, 2018 executive order on foreign interference, which declared a National Emergency and labeled the U.S. elections infrastructure “critical infrastructure” for national defense. Eight days later, on Sep. 20, 2018, President Trump put into place a new “offensive cyber warfare” doctrine with the Dept. of Defense. This doctrine allowed the Trump administration and its DoD allies to take all necessary steps to preemptively use conventional and cyber warfare forces as necessary to prevent an attack on critical US infrastructure, including its elections infrastructure.

See this Situation Update from Dec. 4th – Offensive cyber warfare mechanisms activated, election outcome now bending toward national defense scenario.

Also, watch this video from Jeffrey Prather who further confirms all the intel:

Importantly, these two steps allowed Trump to put into place the very “white hat” cyber experts at the 305th battalion of the DoD, as well as NSA infrastructure monitoring systems, giving Trump the ability to monitor and record all foreign interference activity that took place in real time on Election Day (and the days that followed).

It is this evidence that is now about to be dropped into the lap of SCOTUS. This evidence is irrefutable, conclusive and overwhelming. No one in the media has yet seen this evidence, but this is what Sidney Powell speaks of when she uses the term, “Biblical” to describe what’s coming.

In summary, Trump’s key people at the DIA, DoD, 305th, NSA and in positions of the DoD power structure (Miller, Cohen-Watnick, etc.) now have all the cards. They have everything that is needed to essentially maneuver SCOTUS to decide in favor of Texas, even if they didn’t already lean in that direction.

With or without a SCOTUS decision, Trump is preparing to make parts of this information public as he prepares to invoke the Insurrection Act that is obviously going to be needed once the seditious Left realizes Biden did not win the election and won’t be in charge.

The Texas lawsuit is on the docket with SCOTUS

The following link from shows that the Texas case is officially on the docket. You can even read the responses from some of the swing states, which are making the most juvenile, irrational arguments any legal analyst has ever seen in a Supreme Court case:

The legal arguments from the swing states are about to be obliterated by the “Kraken” proof that the election was rigged by foreign aggressors. Importantly, it was the loosey-goosey late hour alteration of election protocols by the swing states that allowed foreign aggressors the opportunity to inject false votes and alter elections well after midnight of Election Day.

Put another way, the changes in election integrity by the swing states provided the opportunity for foreign aggressors to alter the outcome of the election. This point will no doubt be swiftly noted by the sharp minds of jurists such as Thomas, Kavanaugh, Alito, etc.

The upshot is that SCOTUS will be maneuvered into a decision that, if rationality prevails, must come down in favor of Texas. The real question comes down to what remedy SCOTUS will choose in order to resolve the assault on the elections that was allowed by the swing states.

In most remedies, Trump wins the election, but in one possible remedy, Biden could still achieve victory. I’m not going into details here because I don’t want to arm the traitors with any knowledge of how they still might win, even of SCOTUS sides with Texas.

If the remedy from SCOTUS pushes the election back to the state legislators, we anticipate an instant insurrection on the part of radical Leftists who will begin threatening and firebombing the homes of state legislators who are tasked with voting on new electors. This action would very quickly result in Trump invoking the Insurrection Act and deploying military troops to protect state GOP legislators from the death threats and kinetic attacks of the Left.

In this scenario, the troops would appear first in swing state cities such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, etc.

However, if SCOTUS invalidates all ballots that were counted after midnight of Election Day, this would alleviate any need for local legislators to vote anew, but it would place the burden for the entire election outcome on SCOTUS itself… and I doubt that’s a burden SCOTUS is willing to carry. Nevertheless, if this remedy is chosen, it would result in a nationwide eruption of insurrectionist forces, requiring President Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act and deploy troops to cities across the country.

The only scenario where nationwide bloodshed is avoided is found in the possibility of Joe Biden conceding very soon. This remains a legitimate possible outcome, although not the most likely one. As we’ve seen from recent explosive media stories and a new Senate report, the Biden crime family is facing numerous criminal indictments for their illicit deals with China and other nations, and a pardon for those crimes might be enough to motivate Joe Biden to step down and concede. Only in this scenario is nationwide bloodshed largely avoided.

The other possibility in all this is that SCOTUS gets threatened or scared and decides to toss the case, handing the election to Joe Biden. This seems unlikely but remains a possibility due to the fact that only one Supreme Court justice would need to be successfully turned. If this occurs, Americans will realize we have lost our constitutional republic, and from that day, it’s all-out war by patriots to defeat the occupying enemy forces that have seized control over every branch of government and nearly every institution in society. The streets of America will run red with blood as patriot forces engage their Second Amendment duty to defend the nation against tyrants and domestic enemies.

SCOTUS cannot possibly be on a suicide mission

It’s worth noting that if Biden wins and the Left is emboldened, one of the very first targets they will prioritize for mass executions will be conservative SCOTUS justices.

So if Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Barret want to keep their heads attached to their shoulders, they will likely consider the very grave personal risk of what happens if they issue a death sentence to the U.S. Constitution and turn America over to Bolshevik-style communists and fascists who are already calling for mass incarceration of all Trump supporters, conservatives, Christians and gun owners. Those Leftists would obviously try to eliminate all conservative justices by any means necessary. They believe in the use of violence to achieve political domination, especially since they can’t win legitimate elections if they’re fair.

Additionally, Democrats are openly promising to stack the court if they gain power at both the White House and Senate. This would render the current slate of jurists obsolete, essentially ending the careers and influence of the conservative justices who now occupy those seats on the High Court. Thus, any decision by SCOTUS to side with Biden and the election theft of the swing states is essentially a suicide mission — both for themselves and the nation as founded.

The Pentagon, under Chris Miller, just cut the CIA’s counterterrorism personnel assets… likely to halt the execution squads from operating in America

Meanwhile, key Trump assets inside the Pentagon just cut DoD resources to the CIA’s “counterterrorism” units, which are actually the units that run kidnapping and execution operations around the world. As reported by

Two sources familiar with the matter said that Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller has sent a letter to CIA Director Gina Haspel saying that a longstanding arrangement offering DOD support to the agency is in jeopardy. The review is the pet project of Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Ezra Cohen-Watnick, one of several top-level political appointees assigned to acting roles in the Pentagon…

Anyone who has been listening to my Situation Updates immediately recognizes all those names. As it turns out, the DoD and DIA are at war against the CIA, which ran the foreign interference via its Frankfurt server farm, altering the election outcome in swing states.

More importantly, we also believe that just as the CIA turned its cyber weapons against America in the 2020 election, the CIA is also running executions, kidnappings and other nefarious ops inside CONUS. This is evident in the mysterious “accident” deaths of people associated with GA Gov. Kemp and Sen. Loeffler, whose senior staffer was recently killed.

The date on which the DoD plans to cut off all DoD personnel resources to the CIA is January 5th, one day before the US Congress officially accepts the electoral college votes from the states.

Jan. 6th represents the last date on which members of the U.S. Congress — or even VP Pence who oversees the count that day — can raise objections and challenge the electoral votes of the states. Thus, unless SCOTUS renders a decision that achieves a win for Trump before January 6th, that’s the very last day on which any sort of legal, non-kinetic process could preserve the Constitution and save the republic.

After January 6th, if the election is still on track to being stolen by Biden, the CIA and the deep state, this is when we believe Trump will have no choice but to activate the national security option to prevent America from falling into the hands of communist-run deep state puppets such as Biden and Harris (with Brennan, Clinton, Rice and others pulling the strings from behind the curtain).

The national security option

If all other efforts fail — the Supreme Court, state legislators choosing their own parallel electors, and objections raised on Jan. 6 — then Trump must invoke his national security option to save the republic.

In this scenario, Trump initiates the public emergency broadcast system and holds an emergency announcement from the White House. There, he would declare the election to be an act of cyber warfare against the United States, carried out by foreign aggressors colluding with domestic, corrupt officials and deep state actors. He would likely invoke the Insurrection Act, deploy troops across U.S. cities and begin a wave of mass arrests of the traitors and enemy combatants involved in the attempted coup.

Trump even speaks of this possibility in his own tweets, when he says, “This is going to escalate dramatically. This is a very dangerous moment in our history…” He also characterizes the election theft as a “coup” against America, and he’s right about that. It is an attempted coup. Trump is bound by his own oath to make sure this coup does not succeed.

As this scenario unfolds, Trump will be forced to quickly seize treasonous media outlets using military forces. Big Tech companies would be shut down or seized and overtaken. Zuckerberg, Dorsey and other Big Tech CEOs would be arrested and charged with treason (which needs to happen anyway). Traitorous actors like Obama would try to flee the country to evade arrest. If they succeed in fleeing, they would call for United Nations intervention from their new overseas locations, where they will likely will be hunted by US Army Rangers or Delta forces.

This scenario seems just as likely as any other scenario at this point, and the current positioning of U.S. Carrier Strike Force units reveals that the DoD is anticipating needing to defend CONUS against the possibility of attempted foreign invasions of the United States. We do not believe any invasion by sea would even have a small chance of being successful, but smaller land invasions via Chinese troops in Canada is a very real possibility. However, if China invaded the USA from Canada, this would only shore up support for President Trump and underscore the fact that he is actually defending America against foreign invaders and isn’t merely declaring himself a military dictator for political reasons. Thus, an invasion by Chinese troops from the North would actually strengthen Trump’s authority and leadership in a time of war.

Plus, Chinese forces would learn very quickly what happens when you try to overrun patriot country folk in rural Washington and Idaho.

It is clear from troop movements, U.S. Navy activities, military flight tracking and intel from my military-connected sources that the military is being readied for the possibility of domestic deployment in January. The likely timing of this would be immediately after Jan. 6th.

My best assessment of where we are right now

In my assessment, there is a solid chance — say 50/50 — that SCOTUS sides with Texas. If that occurs, there is around a 90% chance that Trump emerges the victor from the various remedies that would be prescribed by SCOTUS.

Simultaneously, there is a small chance — say 20% — that Biden concedes before the end of December. This is the best outcome as it avoids most of the more serious bloodshed scenarios.

However, there remains roughly a 50% chance that none of the efforts by Trump will succeed, and that on Jan. 6th, Congress will accept electors that solidify the Biden “win,” despite all the irrefutable evidence of vote fraud, foreign interference, China’s hold over the Bidens, etc. In this scenario, Trump is almost certain to invoke the national security option, which puts America in a similar position to Abraham Lincoln’s war powers acts in 1862.

The advantage of this scenario is that it allows Trump to mass arrest all the deep state traitors, enemy combatants, China puppets, CIA black hat operatives and other corrupt officials, all at once and completely outside the usual civilian court system (which itself is corrupt). The scary part in this scenario is that it puts the USA under some form of military rule, with the possibility that Trump might even suspend habeas corpus.

My personal opinion is that Trump needs to invoke the Insurrection Act right now, roll out the troops immediately, and activate all the mass arrests needed to take down America’s domestic enemies. However, my opinion isn’t what counts here, and it looks like Trump is going to give SCOTUS a chance to end the illegal coup via the court system first.

If SCOTUS rules for Texas and Trump achieves victory, this “solution” does nothing to resolve the problem of deep state traitors and China puppets still running Big Tech, the media, the Democrat party, the universities and most of the courts. That problem still needs to get solved, and both the DOJ and FBI appear to be utterly compromised and even complicit in the deep state’s agenda to destroy America.

Thus, any honest assessment of what mechanisms will be needed to defend and restore our constitutional republic must, sooner or later, realize that mass arrests under temporary military authority are the only realistic option. That’s why I believe Trump should invoke it now, while he’s still in power, and while the overwhelming evidence of blatant election theft is fresh in the minds of the people.

Stay tuned. Pray for your nation and double check your rifle ammo. If SCOTUS fails, and Trump fails, and the DoD fails, it all falls on the shoulders of the American people and their Second Amendment duty to defend this nation against a communist takeover.

Under no circumstances can America allow Biden, a corrupt Chinese puppet, to attain control over the military. Biden will immediately move to criminalize all AR-15 rifles, and he will weaponize the IRS and every other government agency against Trump supporters. Biden would also invoke the Insurrection Act himself, then deploy US troops against patriot groups in an attempt to exterminate them, and we all end up in a civil war anyway.

Fight now like your life depends on it. Because it does.

Sidney Powell: American elections have been rigged for years, like in third world countries

Thursday, December 10, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) How did the United States of America get to such a precarious moment in history, where the dastardly forces of socialism and communism would break through the gate and hold our politicians, institutions, election officials and courts hostage? How could a Nation, that once fought to end slavery, just roll over and accept a life of chains? How could a country that once “stormed the beaches of Normandy” — assisting in the defeat of imperialist Germany — ultimately let communists and global interests storm our election system, hijack our politics and shove tyranny down our throats?

Election rigging has been going on for many years, Powell warns

With the evidence on her side, Sidney Powell has applied for an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court to present hundreds of affidavits and witness testimonies that reveal systemic election fraud and coercion. She has evidence that globalists and domestic traitors switched votes using devious software code while flooding the election with droves of fake mail-in ballots, all to remove Trump from office. This evidence uncovers longstanding corruption in American elections that has impacted and swayed previous elections as well. The Supreme Court will soon rule on one of the most crucial cases in American history, unraveling software manipulation and foreign interference and uncovering a domestic conspiracy to defraud the American people of their vote.

In an interview with Mike Huckabee, Powell warned that “American elections have been just as rigged as elections in third world countries have been. I’ve sure the CIA has been involved in any number of those activities. If not here, then other places around the world. It may have been the CIA that created the software and programs to begin with and exported them for their own use, only to have them come back to us.”

The Supreme Court is less compromised than years past

If the nefarious forces within the CIA have leverage on the justices of the Supreme Court and can effectively blackmail them into compliance with the fraud, then the fight will take on a more revolutionary approach, as millions of Americans take action against a coordinated plot to destroy the United States of America. Take for instance, the Obamacare mandate that was put in place in 2012. A Supreme Court that interprets the law based on constitutional principles would have ruled unanimously against federal fines for people who do not purchase health insurance; however, a majority vote, led by Chief Justice Roberts, ultimately ruled that the federal government could fine people who do not purchase health insurance plans.

Roberts also suspiciously ruled against the First Amendment and the Constitution in 2020, claiming that New York Governor Cuomo could restrict worship services and church gatherings as long as he wanted under powers granted unto himself via “public health emergency.” This time, however, Roberts was outnumbered by three new supreme court justices, who struck down Cuomo’s tyrannical violation of the people’s inalienable rights. As this historic decision on election fraud nears, The Supreme Court could be less compromised than years past, with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg now out of the picture (what could ultimately be viewed as an act of God).

As Sidney Powell narrows in on the Supreme Court, she argues that extremely wealthy people were involved in rigging this election. She said, “It’s [in the] globalists’ interest. I mean frankly anyone in the world – except for the millions of Americans that wanted to elect Donald Trump to clean up the swamp and drain the swamp – wanted this world to continue the way it was with them having all the power and working behind the scenes to rig the elections and everything else, so they could profit from their own nefarious activities.”

Powell said the conspiracy is massive and involves strategic planning from media companies as well. “I’m sure the media companies are involved in this too. I noticed on the same night, as if they were cued at once. They stopped counting electoral votes and the machines stopped counting in the swing states. It was all timed and planned and organized and funded.”

Watch the interview on Brighteon:

Beat back communism and support election integrity at

Sources include:

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Election was stolen using “Automated Test Decks” of pre-filled Biden ballot stacks that were fed into Dominion machines multiple times after Election Day

Friday, December 11, 2020 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) In the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential election, Democrats were determined to remove Trump from office by any means necessary. Their biggest obstacle was their own cognitively-deficient, low-energy candidate. Their candidate was a career politician, a mumbling, kneeling punching bag. The Democrats knew they would never have the full support of the American people. Their candidate could hardly speak or even draw a crowd. This is why Democrats planned one of the most brazen acts of war against the US – rigging the election.

Now we’re finding out exactly how the Democrats were able to erase Donald Trump’s large lead across multiple swing states. The election was stolen for Biden using “Automated Test Decks” of pre-filled Biden ballot stacks that were fed into Dominion voting machines multiple times after election day.

Democrat operatives used Dominion’s “Test Decks” to run multiple, pre-filled Biden ballots after election day

At approximately 10:30 pm on election night, Georgia’s election officials did something completely unprecedented: They stopped the vote count and told poll watchers to go home early. Overnight, these corrupt Democrats fed automated test decks into Dominion voting machines. The act was caught on tape at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Georgia where the ballot count was taking place. Over eighteen thousand fraudulent votes were pushed through the tabulators after everyone (election observers and the press) was forced to leave. This improbable Biden ballot dump, observed in Fulton County, corresponds with this smoking gun video evidence that shows Democrats pushing fraudulent ballots through the Dominion machines in the middle of the night. The video shows how the 12:18am Biden ballot dump handed Democrats an improbable 98 percent vote haul out of 23,487 votes!

This evidence also corresponds to eye-witness testimony (recorded in sworn affidavits) testifying that there were thousands of “pristine sheets” fed into the system after hours. These crisp ballots had “no creases” and a “bubble selection perfectly made” out for Biden in advance.

This fraudulent ballot stuffing is made possible thanks to Dominion voting systems. One of the first red flags of election fraud was that Biden over-performed by five percent on Dominion machines, compared to all other voting machines used in the 2020 election. Dominion was deployed for every single county in Georgia for the 2020 election, despite warnings about their potential for fraud. Now we know why Biden over-performed with Dominion.

In Dominion’s user manual, there are instructions that openly permit fraud. Dominion allows a feature called “automated test decks” that are not currently part of U.S. EAC certification. These test decks can be generated automatically for a specific candidate “using the EMS Test Deck application.” This feature allowed Democrats to print thousands of pre-filled ballots on demand. These pre-filled test decks were easily brought into existence and their origin concealed by using the names and addresses of unknowing, non-participating Democrat voters. A signature match and forensic audit would find that thousands of Biden votes were actually pre-filled test decks with no envelope or signature to match.

Dominion’s user manual states:

The Automated Test Deck Generator creates comprehensive test decks for efficient and easy logic and accuracy testing. Using the election project database, a deck of vote marked ballots is randomly generated to provide the highest assurance of system accuracy. When scanned these automated test deck ballots create known outcomes that can be compared with the tabulated results, providing verification of both the quality of the printed ballots as well as the complete accuracy of each tabulator.

Using these machines, a Democrat operative can then “generate test ballots (test decks), either manually from unmarked ballots or automatically using the EMS Test Deck application with a predetermined voting pattern and expected result totals.”

Number of fraudulent ballots found in Georgia is enough to swing election ten times over

In Georgia:

  • At least 2,056 felons voted illegally.
  • There were 66,248 kids under eighteen who voted illegally.
  • There were 2,423 who voted with no voter registration at all.
  • There were 1,043 voters who illegally used a PO Box.
  • 4,926 voted past the registration date.
  • 10,315 dead voters participated.
  • Election officials also identified 395 people who voted in two states.
  • A stunning 15,700 votes were from people who had moved out of the state.
  • An additional 40,279 votes were from people who changed counties in Georgia and didn’t re-register to vote.

If these votes are rightfully removed, then Biden cannot claim a victory in Georgia (because his so-called margin of victory is only 12,670 votes). The state legislature must take account of these fraudulent votes and the corrupt Democrat schemes that defrauded Trump’s victory in the state. The state legislator must now ignore the fraudulent popular vote and send their own slate of Electors to the Electoral College.

To help out with election integrity, support

Sources include:

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CONFIRMED: Dominion voting machines in Georgia were remotely controlled during election… foreign interference now a FACT

Friday, December 11, 2020 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural NewsMore confirmation has emerged to show that Dominion Voting Systems machines in Georgia were, in fact, connected to the internet and communicating with third parties on election night.

Contradicting what Dominion spokesman Michael Steel falsely claimed on Nov. 22, expert witness Col. Phil Waldron told Rudy Giuliani during more recent questioning that Dominion machines were designed with “many access points to the internet.”

“These machines are connected to the internet,” Waldron stated. “Dominion user manual instructs how. Server traffic showed connections.”

Steel, on the other hand, told Fox News the exact opposite. When asked if a poll worker could use a USB thumb drive to add or remove votes from a candidate, Steel claimed that vote tabulators do not have such access because Dominion machines do not connect to the internet.

“It’s not physically possible to do what they’re describing,” he reiterated, adding that an algorithm was not used to alter the “weight” of votes in favor of Joe Biden.

Michael Steel is a lackey of neocon Jeb Bush

It was later revealed that Steel is nothing but a lackey of neocon and failed presidential wannabe Jeb Bush, which explains his hawking of the lie that Dominion machines are completely safe and secure.

We now know that Dominion machines in Georgia were remotely accessed and controlled on election night via their Chinese-made modems. This is probably also true of Dominion machines in other states.

Susan Voyles, a Georgia poll manager, also told the Georgia senate that Dominion machines were remotely accessed by third party groups such as Indivisible Organizers, a far-left organization linked to Barack Obama that endorsed Joe Biden.

The essence of what took place is that individuals working on Team Biden’s election theft operation remotely accessed the ballot marking devices in Dominion machines and fixed them to produce a Biden “win.”

Getting to the bottom of the election heist is a big endeavor. To aid in the fight, visit attorney Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic website.

There’s no way Georgia legitimately elected Joe Biden

Georgia is in a whole lot of hot water right now on numerous fronts. Gov. Brian Kemp (R), we recently learned, is complicit in a massive Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) money laundering scheme along with California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Georgia Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger (R) also made himself a target by conducting a fraudulent “recount” and “audit” of the state’s election ballots, reproducing the same fake results as the first time they were counted.

Georgia is a mess, in other words, and that mess seems to be getting worse by the day. The state would seem to be full of deep state traitors, many of them “Republicans,” whose evil deeds are finally now coming to light.

Georgia not only conducted a fraudulent election, but it also helped promulgate lies about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to sell more masks and other “personal protective equipment” (PPE). The devil really has come down to Georgia, it would appear.

“There was a water main break! (OK, there wasn’t),” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit about Georgia’s lies. “Dominion machines can’t be connected to the internet! (OK, they can). “Republican observers were not removed! (OK, they were). Joe Biden won the election! (OK, no he didn’t). See the pattern?”

Another called on patriots everywhere to pray for the allegations of Democrat vote fraud to receive a fair trial.

“This may be the last chance to defeat Democrat vote fraud peacefully,” this same commenter added, noting that the time to stop the steal is now.

More of the latest news about election fraud can be found at

Sources for this article include:

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Wealth Taxes, Mask Nazis, and COVID Rules, Oh My!

Simon Black  December 11, 2020  Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

Are you ready for this week’s absurdity? Here’s our Friday roll-up of the most ridiculous stories from around the world that are threats to your liberty, risks to your prosperity… and on occasion, inspiring poetic justice.

Argentina Passes Wealth Tax in the Name of COVID Recovery

In response to COVID-19, Argentina implemented strict lockdowns which further destroyed its already struggling economy. And Argentina’s lockdowns did not achieve the government’s objective of slowing the spread of the disease.

Now, these brilliant politicians think they have found the solution to rebuild: a new wealth tax.

The government introduced a “one time” wealth tax which affects any Argentine with assets totalling $2.4 million or more.

These citizens will owe up to 3.5% of their total net worth to the government, and 5.25% of any wealth held outside of Argentina.

The government plans to use the money to pay for healthcare supplies, small business relief, scholarships, and some natural gas ventures.

They might as well also buy a billboard that says, “Do not bring your wealth to Argentina.”

Click here to read the full story.

Mask Nazis Volunteer to Patrol Pasadena Streets

COVID Brownshirts will be lurking the streets of Pasadena, California to catch people not wearing masks in public.

Society’s hall-monitors will ridicule and intimidate you until you put on a mask.

Last week they told some runners in a park that they needed to wear masks. While running. Outdoors. By themselves. Well, at least the runners were by themselves until the mask-Nazis approached.

Maybe next we can start COVID Youth so schoolkids can inform on their families’ social distancing habits… oh wait, the Governor of Vermont is way ahead of us.

Click here to read the full story.

Thousands of foreigners received stimulus checks from Uncle Sam

The IRS sent thousands of $1,200 stimulus checks to foreigners (i.e. people who are NOT US citizens) at foreign addresses, who did not qualify to receive the funds.

At first, the IRS tried to blame the recipients, saying they must have incorrectly filed a US tax return.

Now the tax agency admits it was its own error which sent millions of dollars of taxpayer money to ineligible non-Americans overseas.

But that’s still not as bad as the 1 million checks sent to dead people.

However, in both cases, the IRS has no plans to recover the money.

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Belgium won’t allow your guests to use the bathroom

In Belgium, the government will graciously allow you to invite up to four guests to your home for the holidays– but they have to stay outside in the yard.

In fact, they are not even allowed to pass through your house to enter your back yard. There has to be direct access to your backyard from outdoors. Hopefully grandma can still hop the fence!

And your guests will not be allowed to go inside your home to use the bathroom– they have to go home if they need to relieve themselves.

Virologists admitted that walking through a home is unlikely to spread COVID, but added that grown adults can’t be trusted to not stop and have a chat.

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In Vaccine Delivery Test, half the supplies were shipped to the wrong state

Colorado public health officials are preparing for a massive, statewide vaccination. So state agencies have started rehearsing the distribution process– specifically, how are they going to receive and warehouse millions of doses?

In the first major test of the state’s distribution capabilities, they were supposed to receive two bulk shipments from the federal government, essentially simulating the arrival of COVID vaccines.

Only one shipment arrived to Colorado. The other (for some inexplicable reason) ended up in Kentucky.

But 50/50 is still good enough for government work, and the State of Colorado declared this trial run a smashing success!

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High schoolers can wrestle, as long as they don’t shake hands first

Ohio officials have issued rules to make high school sports safer in times of COVID-19.

Wrestlers must stay six feet apart and wear masks while on the bench and warming up.

When they enter the ring, they are prohibited from shaking hands.

Only then does it become safe to grapple your sweaty, heavy breathing opponent, and roll around on the ground together for six minutes.

But they don’t shake hands, so it’s all good.

Conclusion? Covid spreads from shaking hands, but not from wrestling… just like Covid spreads in churches and synagogues, but not at ‘peaceful protests’.

Remember, we must listen to the scientists.

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Covid is now spread… by vehicles?

Public health officials in Lithuania are now requiring that parking lots only be utilized at 20% capacity. In other words, at shopping malls and grocery stores, there can only be one vehicle parked in every FIVE parking places… because apparently Covid now is now transmitted from cars.

Interesting that the width of five parking spaces is far more than 6 feet in distance. So does that invalidate all the social distancing guidance we’ve heard so far that said 6 feet is OK?

Well, it doesn’t matter. We must listen to the scientists. And we must not ask any questions.

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Hypocrisy Roundup: Politicians Who Don’t Follow Their Own Rules

We have two more politicians to add to this week’s hypocrisy round-up for violating their own COVID-19 rules.

Chile announced fresh lockdowns this week, with masks required in public at all times, including outdoors.

Meanwhile, the President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, was photographed on the beach, without a mask, standing directly next to someone who asked for a photograph.

The President claims he will report himself and pay the fine… only after being caught of course.

A Chicago City Councillor was caught allowing customers inside a restaurant he owns, despite a city-wide rule against serving customers indoors.

He called it an error in judgement, and said it will not continue… only after being caught of course.

To your freedom……….
Simon Black,

Situation Update, Dec. 10th – Texas lawsuit with SCOTUS reveals pathway to instant victory for Trump

Follow this case closely, outcome will determine the future of humanity. Alternate timelines converging…

Thursday, December 10, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The Texas lawsuit filed with the US Supreme Court — now supported by 18 states and enjoined by 6 states (pending) — reveals the path for an instant victory for President Trump. Details of this lawsuit are covered in today’s Situation Update (Dec. 10th), available at

This one-hour podcast also covers:

  • How we are all living under “enemy occupation” with YouTube now declaring that no videos are allowed if they question the “official” election results (the rigged results).
  • How the Texas lawsuit puts 62 electoral votes into play. If these swing to Trump, he is the clear winner.
  • What happens next if SCOTUS dismisses the cases or rejects the Texas argument.
  • Why the US Supreme Court needs to rule in favor of Texas if SCOTUS is to survive as a legitimate institution.
  • Lawmakers in Michigan and Missouri are officially questioning the rigged election and demand forensic audits.

This podcast also discusses the possible remedies which could be offered by SCOTUS, including nullification of all ballots received after midnight on Election Day, or nullifying the entire election results in the four swing states, kicking the election back to those state legislatures.

The coronavirus vaccine is a global extermination weapon targeting the human race

In addition, today’s Situation Update covers the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine in the UK and why UK regulators are warning that people who have severe allergic reactions should avoid the vaccine altogether. (Hint: It causes a hyperinflammatory response that can be deadly.)

  • Links between Pfizer, Gilead and China.
  • Why globalists are so desperate for total compliance for the coronavirus vaccine.
  • When we can expect to start seeing widespread deaths and infertility from these vaccines. (Hint: It won’t be right away. It takes a subsequent exposure to the pathogen.)
  • Why we can’t stop billions of sheeple from committing “vaccine-assisted suicide” and removing themselves from the human gene pool. But these are the same conformist people who also tend to vote Democrat and try to take away all your basic human rights such as the freedom to speak or freedom to own firearms. When these gullible morons commit vaccine-assisted suicide, they actually reshape the world by removing themselves from it.

Listen to the full podcast here:

Hear all the Situation Updates at the Health Ranger Report channel on

Also, watch this new interview with Dave Janda ( which reveals why the Texas case with SCOTUS has a good chance of achieving victory:

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