Situation Update, Dec. 20th – The Misdirection Ploy – How to seize everything without using the military

Sunday, December 20, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Highlights of the Dec. 20th Situation Update podcast (full embed below):

  • Maggie Haberman is a CIA disinfo agent working for the discredited fake news outlet the New York Times.
  • Haberman’s claimed “scoop” about the Trump meeting in the Oval Office only exists because Trump is playing her; he wanted her to report this.
  • Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani met with Trump. This comes after Defense Secretary Chris Miller met with Trump the day before.
  • The two parallel paths being considered are: 1) Insurrection Act option (troops seizing ballots and Dominion machines), 2) Special counsel option (the special counsel seizing ballots and Dominion machines, and indicting Democrat criminals).
  • US Army generals accidentally reveal the Insurrection Act plan is real by publicly claiming the Army has no role in determining elections. But they are wrong: These weren’t elections; they were cyber warfare run by an aggressor enemy nation (China). These treasonous generals can be easily court-martialed.
  • Giuliani says Trump’s legal strategy is shifting to a focus on acquiring voting machines to prove algorithmic fraud (forensic audits). Says Trump’s lawyers only need 1-2 days to prove the fraud, overturning the election.
  • Trump’s “surgical” strategy to win the election on January 6th: Sidney Powell appointed special counsel, she seizes Dominion machines, algorithmic fraud is exposed and proven to the public, complicit Dems in the House, Senate are indicted, arrested and removed before Jan. 6th, flipping the House to GOP control. Now the alternate slate of electors can be passed and approved by Congress.
  • A federal judge says evidence of “Scorecard” and “Hammer” is secure.
  • Why We the People must urge Trump to act decisively and invoke the Insurrection Act or have the DOJ appoint a special counsel.
  • Peter Navarro’s bombshell report that proves coordinated, widespread election fraud.
  • Trump says Dominion voting machines might have been breached during the election due to the SolarWinds backdoor vulnerability.
  • Panicked Democrats begin accusing Trump supporters of “treason” if they point out election fraud.
  • Ramsland tells Newsmax of new evidence that will “drastically change the playing field” – this refers to the results of the forensic audit of the Dominion machines in Michigan. This also explains the Giuliani shift to focusing on the machines.
  • A hospital halts covid-19 vaccinations after 4 workers have adverse reactions. Even the doctors are refusing to administer these toxic, experimental vaccines.

Listen to the full podcast episode here:

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President Trump tweets “Martial law = Fake News” because he knows the Insurrection Act isn’t martial law

2 thoughts on “Situation Update, Dec. 20th – The Misdirection Ploy – How to seize everything without using the military

  1. Tubularsock loves this kind of crap. If it is not the Russians it’s the Chinese. It NEVER seems to be us!
    And evidence and proof is always just around the next corner and then the next corner and then the ……………. the working theory is easy: if you can throw enough shit at the wall maybe something will stick.

    This the stuff that great fiction novels are made of and Tubularsock has already got three in the works. Send cash now.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Exactly right Tubes, misdirection is the name of the game. This is better than fiction, it’s game show reality…. and the price is right! Trump’s BS sounds so wacky, I do believe he’s on to something! 😉


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