Reblog: Happy March 8, Dear Ladies & Gentlemen!

Reblogged from Futuristrendcast with Lada Ray. Enjoy a wonderful International Women’s Day!



Happy March 8, Dear Ladies & Gentlemen!


To me, March 8 is the women’s day in the best senses of the word. I have the fondest childhood memories of how the whole city of Odessa smelled like flowers on and near that day. To me it’s also the beginning of spring. I remember my mother and other ladies carrying big bouquets of tulips and mimosa, and to this day tulips are my favorite flowers.

One of my fondest memories include the freshest lily of the valley – podsnezhniki, as they were called in Russia (this means – flowers from under the snow). They are the first spring flowers, heralding the approaching awakening of nature, and they can grow from under the snow, just as shown. I always thought they were one of nature’s good luck miracles and I always requested them as a child for my bouquet on March 8 and for my birthday, just a few days after.

Giant icicles over my window – we still have snow and cold where I live in northern USA (sorry the image won’t stay vertical for some reason, and keeps turning sideways, probably because of the weight of those heavy icicles on the pic, lol  )

How glad I was when I discovered that the snow-white lily of the valley – podsnezhniki flowers grow in my backyard. They showed up when we first moved here, and they’ve brightened up my spring every year since (only in April here unfortunately; spring is very late in NYS). 

This is what our garden would look like in late April – May. Can’t wait. But I like to start dreaming the spring into existence starting on March 8, to usher it in sooner. 


A big friendly shoutout to all the lovely ladies who are my patrons and followers. 

Happy International Women’s Day to you all!  

And all of our guys: wishing a Happy March 8 to all the ladies in your life – wives, sisters, daughters, mothers and friends! 

May your day be bright and happy, and may your life be full of love. 💖 💖

P.S. **I know this holiday is often warped and turned upside down in the West. I am a little tired of all the geopolitical and human drama out there and I don’t want any comments about the feminists or anything negative. Taking a break to enjoy my holiday and my birthday! 

To me it’s a lovely and positive day and I for one am heading to the store to get myself a giant bouquet of tulips and maybe some other flowers to usher in spring!

But I’m also working on some new stuff and remaking my site – check it out! 

  • Just finished the HOME  page of site. It looks quite different, nicer and more organized than before – I’m happy. 
  • Also have redone a lot in CONSULTATIONS – will share soon.
  • Working on other pages and new concepts, too. Will have some more news for you soon!


In previous years I published a number of articles for March 8, where I explained its history and some heavy-duty stuff, as well as my multidimensional view of things, so please refer to those pieces to read up on the holiday, and to see gorgeous pics and some cool vintage Soviet postcards. 

Some serious classics

Feminism vs. Sacred Feminine – Male Chauvinism vs. Sacred Masculine

Forbidden History: Russian Truth Code and Goddess Lada

You can find my March 8 pieces on both blogs – all very nice and positive:

FuturistTrendcast Blog

Lada Ray ~ author blog


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