Once FDA Approved, Now Banned. The “Safe” Drugs Now Considered Unsafe

Better think twice before taking any vaccines….

branden burks

branden burks

1 day agoDMX died from the vaccine too. His family said that he was NOT using drugs. He got the vaccine a few days before his heart attack

Nuclear Cat Baby

Nuclear Cat Baby

1 day ago (edited)This violates the Nuremberg code. If they’re going to use an experimental and only provisionally authorized vaccine they should at least make that clear to people to establish informed consent before they decide to take it. They should also make other vaccines like the Chinese inactivated virus vaccine available.

2 thoughts on “Once FDA Approved, Now Banned. The “Safe” Drugs Now Considered Unsafe

  1. One must sign off on an acknowledgment that our vaccines are approved on an emergency basis. They have have access to all the information about the vaccines. The benefits outweigh the risks. Take the vaccine! For your sake and the rest of us. I’m tired of seeing people die on ventilators.

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    • I certainly agree with you that short term protection outweigh the risks, for those who are vulnerable to illness ie: the infirmed, elderly, immune challenged, front line health workers like yourself. BUT, for young, healthy, those who acquired natural immunity from previous exposure…. taking the vaccine offers diminishing benefit while being exposed to possible unknown long term side effects. Scientists and doctors just don’t know enough about long term effects of mRNA gene editing therapy to ensure complete safety.
      I thank you for your humanitarian concerns and selfless service to the medical field. I’m sure you and those in your noble profession saved countless lives, for that we are all infinitely grateful!
      Blessing and much love to you and yours ❤

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