Why I haven’t yet taken the COVID VACCINE: A Scientific Debate on ANTIBODIES – Dr. Suneel Dhand

Finally a reasonable response to Covid vaccination from a board certified physician who actually thinks for himself!

Dr. Suneel Dhand – MedStoic Lifestyle Medicine

I am a doctor that recommends routine vaccinations to all my patients. Vaccinations have been amazing for humanity. I have been recommending the COVID vaccine over the last few months, especially to high risk groups first. Here’s my story and unique concern, and I want to throw this question out to a SCIENTIFIC DEBATE, as a very important topic that needs to be discussed by the medical & scientific community to people who are in my situation… All scientific (data backed) responses to my contact form via my site: http://www.MedStoic.com — another vid coming soon with the real up-to-date Science behind my pending decision! #COVID#coronavirus#vaccine#health

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