The Covid Con Game and End Game

Dr. Lee Merritt, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Onawa, Iowa, is interviewed by Jeff Dornik and delivers an amazingly comprehensive overview of the motives behind the Covid-pandemic theater. First, she shows that there is no real pandemic and that the public-health practices being mandated are scientifically absurd. Then she reasons that, if obscene profits were the only motive for this crime, it would not be necessary to put so many exotic and toxic components into the vaccines. A simpler product could be sold at the same price with a greater profit margin. Therefore, there must be some additional purpose for the vaccines. She makes a compelling case that the end game is nothing less than human enslavement and massive depopulation – both of which are long-held ideals of those who direct the pharmaceutical cartel. 2021 April 21 – Source: Freedom One-on-One

    Kathmandu • a day ago • editedThank you Dr Lee Merritt. We need great intelligent hackers to transmit shows like this on every TV and Phone
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      • yagma  Kathmandu • 21 hours ago • editedThe original Chi Haotian biowarfare threat allegedly made by China that this US military death machine quoted is RIGHT HERE and it explicitly states in the title “Independently verifying the authorship of the speech is not possible.” So she is quoting unverified unsourced materials, which could be U.S war propaganda materials. There is no way to know or determine if this virus was man made and if it was man made, there is no way to know where it was released, or if it was accidentally released or not. Don’t forget it was an American man Fauchi who was sending money to the Wuhan lab!.
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      iwonna55 • a day agoBefore Covid, when we went to the doctor very, very sick with a flu or phemonia, with high temperature, NOBADY wore masks. Why now?
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          Phillip Picket • a day agoYou can’t detox from hydrogel and/or quantum dot(s)..It’s impossible..The patent on these shots say that they are gene technology NOT vaccines. They are vaccines in that the very definition of a vaccine is something/anything that promotes a immune response and they do that BUT anything you inject into your body will promote a immune response. Their patent says that it’s motive in the body as mRNA is to turn into DNA hence the reverse transcriptase. Normally cellular transcription is DNA into RNA. Once anything becomes part of your makeup (your DNA) it’s impossible to detox…
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              Sharon Dewey • 21 hours agoThank you, Dr. Merritt! You are absolutely brilliant and incredibly informative and I am so grateful that you are in this “war” with us…
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                  disqus_jAh9dCxxLT • a day agoBill Gates is a reincarnation of Hitler and Fauci is his sidekick.
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                    • disqus_jAh9dCxxLT • a day agoIt’s about Money, Power, and depopulation for the NWO.
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                      lizard4445 • 19 hours agoDr Lee Merritt has to be my favorite Dr to listen to for this covid plandemic! I’m NOT being partial because she works in Omaha Nebraska and I live in Nebraska either! lol
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                          Virginia M Conway • a day agoStanford Medical released a recent study that maskes do not work & may instead cause problems! This has been said time and time again, but to no avail.
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                              disqus_jAh9dCxxLT • a day agoWhat about the 12 men who got the J& J shot and had some of the same problems as the 6 women but this was never mentioned. What about all the side effects and deaths from Moderna & Pfizer in the beginning and still happening? They don’t count?
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                                  lizard4445 • 19 hours agoBill Gates Sr was in the eugentics program! So is Gates Jr! They are very very satanic and evil!
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                                      lizard4445 • 19 hours ago..but MOST of the ‘covid death’s were/are falsified for the death count! That’s how they kept the fear and fake covid dial meter to rise for lockdown’s and other fake measures!
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