The Opposite of “Distancing” & Separation! Touching Personal Parades & Concerts for Russian Vets who can’t leave home!

Anti-fascist, anti-globalist… these old timers remember the reason why they fought for freedom. It’s wonderful they are being acknowledged and honoured for their bravery and duty to defend the motherland. We need to continue the fight against the fake Covid plandemic, the infowar rages on.

Futurist Trendcast

During May 9 holidays all over the country the military and civilian volunteers organized personal Victory Day parades, concerts and Immortal Regiment marches for those WWII vets who are too old to leave their homes. Here are a few videos!

SAMARA: Parade under the hero’s Windows! The military personally congratulate veteran on Victory Day (this Russian served as a sergeant during WWII)

SEVASTOPOL: Personal parades and concerts at home – for Sevastopol marine vets – “they were preparing for one, but ended up doing 30 parades, and impromptu concerts:

A compilation: some of the best episodes gathered here: a 96-year-old vet, standing, greets his personal parade & Katyusha performance; 97-year-old radio-specialist and his medals; N. Ossetia – personal parade for 102-year-old Valentina Petrova, who served as volunteer nurse during WWII and who greeted Victory Day 1945 in Hungary. She recalls how everyone was rejoicing and hugging each other that day…

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