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These were never “vaccines” against a virus. This is a secret nanotech project developed to reach and control the brains of the human population.
Asking big Pharma to cure us, is like asking a weapon factory to end wars.

These particles must be a nano-tech material called GRAPHENE. which is a superconductive and highly integrative with neuron cells in the brain:

people do more research buying a toaster then what’s in the fake jab ,your government hates you.

COLLUSION: Emails reveal that Fauci, Daszak coordinated influential articles that downplayed the lab leak theory

Sunday, June 13, 2021 by: Franz Walker

(Natural News) Two of the most significant articles promoting the “natural origins” theory for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak’s origins originated from scientists who were part of a response team of “experts” brought in by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine (NASEM) and coordinated by Dr. Anthony Fauci with the help of Peter Daszak.

The articles were produced in response to a request from then-White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Director Kelvin Droegemeier. They were used extensively by media organizations to push the “natural origins” theory and deride alternative theories – including the now resurgent lab leak theory – as conspiracy theories.

Articles were part of a coordinated effort to downplay the lab leak theory

The two articles look to be part of a coordinated effort stemming from a Feb. 1, 2020 teleconference organized by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Fauci and British Wellcome Trust director Jeremey Farrar. This conference was reportedly put together to respond to public reporting of a potential connection between COVID-19 and the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China.

Following the conference, the lab leak theory was actively downplayed by mainstream media, social media platforms, health officials and the World Health Organization (WHO).

One of the articles, “The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2,” published in the journal Nature on March 17, 2020, targeted the scientific community. This article was led by “corresponding author” Dr. Kristian Andersen of the Scripps Research Institute in California and along with four other researchers. Of the five scientists credited with the article, four had directly participated in the Fauci-Farrar teleconference.

More interesting is the other article, which was published earlier on Feb. 19, 2020, and written as an open letter to the public. According to documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by U.S. Right to Know, EcoHealth President Daszak drafted the letter calling for “solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China.”

It has since come out that EcoHealth has received $3.7 million in funding from the NIAID. Of this, at least $600,000 was funneled to the WIV for virus research. (Related: EcoHealth Alliance president thanked Fauci for downplaying lab leak hypothesis.)

In his letter, Daszak noted that the sharing of data on the pandemic was being threatened by “rumours and misinformation around its origins.”

“We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin,” states the letter signed by 27 scientists.

“Open letter” was meant to cover up NIAID funding of WIV

The recently released emails of Fauci, obtained by FOIA request, shed more light on the purpose of the meetings. They reveal that the teleconference was prompted by the publication of an article in Science that referenced a Nov. 9, 2015 article in Nature about gain of function experiments in viruses at the WIV that were funded by the NIAID.

Fauci, alongside Daszak, was present at a later meeting with NASEM called by Droegemeier where the former made a 10-minute presentation.

Other FOIAed emails show how much work was done to draw attention away from EcoHealth’s and the funding sent to WIV. In one email, Daszak tells Ralph Baric, a virologist who collaborated on gain of function experiments with WIV director She Zheng-Li, to refrain from signing his open letter.

“I also think this is a good decision,” replied Baric, who was also the corresponding author of the 2015 Nature article. “Otherwise it looks self-serving and we lose impact.”

In addition, Daszak sent an email to those privy to the early drafts of the letter that it would not include EcoHealth’s logo.

“Please note that this statement will not have EcoHealth Alliance logo on it and will not be identifiable as coming from any one organization or person, the idea is to have this as a community supporting our colleagues,” he wrote.

In addition, an earlier email showed that Daszak was mulling not signing the statement so that “it has some distance from us and therefore doesn’t work in a counterproductive way.”

“We’ll then put it out in a way that doesn’t link it back to our collaboration so we maximize an independent voice,” he added.

Daszak eventually changed his mind, becoming one of the signatories to the letter.

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Healthy people are locked down and blamed for lab-generated deaths to rollout tyrannical Vaccine Passports worldwide

Friday, June 11, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) For over a year, we were told that SARS-CoV-2 was a natural occurrence, that laboratory experiments on coronaviruses did not exist. But gain-of-function virus engineering has been real for more than a decade. US and Chinese scientists have enjoyed grants from the National Institutes of Health to enhance the lethality of viruses and to exploit human immune cells. Despite Dr. Fauci’s repeated public dismissal of this unethical research, his newly released emails reveal his intentions to conceal it.

For over a year, healthy people have been locked down, threatened and blamed for covid deaths, all to rollout tyrannical Vaccine Passports worldwide. These systems of digital surveillance and control are a tool to discriminate and segregate the human race, giving permanent power to the criminals who inflicted this misery upon the world.

The abusive human experiments have only just begun

The sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 proves it was no accident, and vaccine passports are no coincidence, either. The US government created a set of rules by which researchers could receive NIH grants to “create and use potential pandemic pathogens” for the development of vaccines. In fact, the HHS framework classifies a potential pandemic pathogen as “safe for research purposes” only if it’s being used to develop and test new diagnostics and vaccines.

After all, the NIH stated that its scientists created “stabilized coronavirus spike proteins for the development of vaccines against coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2,” and the government consequently has “sought patents to preserve the government’s rights to these inventions.” According to NIH and Moderna licensing agreements, Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease jointly owns experimental mRNA-1273 vaccine technology and will collect royalties on the Moderna vaccines.

So why would public health leaders like Dr. Anthony Fauci dismiss the government’s involvement in gain-of-function research? Why would coronavirus gain-of-function researchers like Dr. Peter Daszak email his funder (Dr. Fauci) in the beginning of a pandemic and thank him for dismissing the lab origins of SARS-CoV-2? Why would NIH director Dr. Francis Collins email Fauci, warning him about sequencing studies on SARS-CoV-2 that prove laboratory interference in the creation of the spike protein?

Instead of coming clean about the research they were involved in, these men tried to hide it. For this, they are partially culpable in the deaths of human subjects who have been caught up in a live experiment worldwide. These evil entities have deflected blame for their sinister and oppressive actions by locking healthy people down, depriving them of their rights, and blaming them for covid deaths.

The NIH’s paranoid and panicked emails, Fauci’s manipulative and prevaricating interviews, and their controlling and destructive actions provide enough evidence of their malfeasance. So far, these evil entities have escaped judgment for experimenting on humans, locking people down and controlling movement, but their crimes against humanity have only just begun.

The remainder of their maniacal experiment is currently underway, as their engineered spike proteins are replicated in human cells, causing inflammatory conditions and autoimmune attacks in the cardiovascular system and in the physical brain of terrorized, coerced and submissive human subjects. The remaining people who reject this experimental abuses and see through these wicked, controlling schemes, will also be victimized, in a different way. The vaccine passport is part of the experiment, forcing compliance to their wicked schemes, bringing discrimination and segregation to the world.

The Vaccine Passport has also been planned for years

The Vaccine Passport has been planned for some years. The executive branch of the European Union published a report on April 26, 2018, titled “Proposal for a Council Recommendation on Strengthened Cooperation against Vaccine Preventable Diseases.” The framework lays out a plan to implement “vaccine portals” and “vaccine passports” as a precondition to travel and live.

The commission expressed interest in controlling cross border movement of people within the EU and to “look into options to address them, including developing a common EU citizens’ vaccination card/passport, compatible with electronic immunisation information systems and recognised for use across borders.” The Commission desires to establish a “European Vaccination Information Sharing system that will coordinate with national public health authorities to “facilitate a merger of national vaccine schedules and enforce broad uptake of vaccine using a ‘common vaccination card’.” The commission even mentioned “vaccine hesitancy” and why it’s important to target any information online that hinders total vaccine compliance.

Now Europe is rolling out Digital Green Certificate, forcing citizens to show digital proof they comply with the experiments and all the vaccine industry’s demands. India, China and Israel have followed suit with their own vaccine passport system. In Israel, the unvaccinated are only allowed in “essential” places and are barred from the rest of society. When travelers abroad arrive in Israel, they are outfitted with “freedom bracelets” that dictate their travel and whereabouts. The US is allowing this tyrannical discrimination and segregation, too. In New York, citizens are unable to attend sporting events without complying with the Excelsior Pass and its bodily requirements. The US CDC is trying to force cruise ships to require proof of vaccination as well and rolling out recommendations requiring unvaccinated persons to wear masks in indoor settings. Whether it’s the AOK Pass, Common Pass, the Vaccination Credential Initiative, Good Health Pass Collaborative or the IATA Travel Pass, medical tyranny is here, and it beckons for every one of us to resist at all costs.

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Medical professionals break silence on covid “vaccines” and the widespread harm they’re causing

Monday, June 14, 2021 by: Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) Many state governments have told citizens they can’t “go back to normal” until they are injected twice with engineered spike protein software (aka “covid vaccines.”) The terms “antivax” and “vaccine hesitancy” were developed to degrade and divide people, while forfeiting the informed consent principle. People need more information, not coercion. People need an honest interpretation of these vaccine studies and their diagnostic criteria, not more fraud. The world needs more transparency on this experimental protocol and more respect for human dignity and the right of self-decision. People DO NOT need more terror, bribery, theft, isolation, discrimination, virtue signaling, censorship, propaganda, suppression of natural immune system solutions, abuse, social ostracizing, false advertising, deceit, fraud, segregation and threats. Most importantly, no one should feel that they have to physically abuse themselves to please another human being, or have basic rights.

Medscape has compiled a list of inquiries from doctors and other medical professionals who are speaking out on what they are seeing.

Medical professionals are reporting serious health issues following the covid shots

Dr. Brian Lenzkes said most of his patients have not had severe side effects, but he has seen neurological changes in some of his patients. In one case, an elderly male suffered from severe ataxia just two weeks after the Pfizer shot. Just three hours after taking the shot, a 28-year-old came down with acute seizures that devolved into severe tachycardia. Dr. Lenzkes also lost a former patient, who was “extremely healthy with normal labs,” but passed away just eight days after the second shot.

Dr. Cassandra Balomiri, a previously healthy 29-year-old resident doctor, has been experiencing side effects for 15 weeks, post vaccination. She says these adverse events are being ignored en masse. “For the first time in my life I got the feeling that people are just ignored!” she said. It doesn’t matter how many adverse events that she and her colleagues report, “nothing comes out officially.” The information is buried, and patients are left feeling alone, stuck with the problems.

Dr. Candice Black reports “lower leg muscle twitching” post vaccination, a sudden issue that gives her anxiety. She says, “it doesn’t seem to be going away” and is only getting worse.

Dr. Alex Vasquez pointed out that fraud was used to determine the vaccine’s efficacy. “At first the FDA gave emergency authorization based on antibody response which they mislabeled as “efficacy” and now they say that antibodies are meaningless and should not be measured,” he said.

Dr. Peter Angelin said the FDA’s emergency use authorization (EUA) bypasses serious safety concerns, inflicting “short and long-term side effects on different populations.”

Dr. Ivan Iriarte is concerned that the “safe and effective” mantra is being used deceptively and in a violently coercive manner, subjecting countless young, healthy people to serious problems like myocarditis and blood clots. He warns, “This vaccine, if offered at all, should be given only to adults at high risk of COVID, only voluntarily, and only with full disclosure of information.”

Jack Holder, a physical therapist from the UK is disgusted that healthcare practitioners can’t express their concerns without being “branded as an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist.” He has witnessed a surge in patients (recently vaccinated) with “foot pains, inflammation, burning and tingling sensations in feet and legs as well as sciatic pains.” These pains did not exist before, he said, but the patients often do not link the “newly developed pains” to the vaccine, so countless side effects go unreported.

Dr. Signee Hoffman works in a musculoskeletal clinic. He reports on several patients who come in with severe inflammation and musculoskeletal issues after taking the shots. One patient was a 76-year-old woman who was rushed to the ER 72 hours post injection. The shot caused atrial fibrillation, but she was ultimately coerced to get a second dose regardless of her hospitalization. Another patient is a 66-year-old nurse who began vomiting with dry heaves and cold sweats, post vaccination. Her medical doctor said the vaccine reaction was normal! A third patient of his suffered from neuropathy on the left side of her face. She suddenly came down with TMJ pains, severe migraines and was eventually diagnosed with a blood clot in her left popliteal vein.

Sonya T, an RN and hospital administrator, experienced neurological symptoms that lasted twelve hours after the first dose. After the second dose, the neurological symptoms worsened and lasted several months. These symptoms included involuntary movement of the hand and thumb of the vaccinated arm. She also dealt with “muscle twitching” throughout her face and suffered from unexplained headaches and fatigue for four months. She says she would never let her children take the vaccines.

Medical systems are obediently and dutifully carrying out a holocaust

Why would anyone want their body to produce these spike proteins, which enhance the binding of SARS-CoV-2 to human tissues, while producing the vascular and neurological sequelae of the infection? The Salk Institute for Biological Studies released a study showing how the spike protein passes the blood brain barrier and causes vascular endothelial damage. Over 5,000 deaths have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, and a majority of these reports have come from ICUs, emergency rooms, personal care physicians and pharmacies. Seizures, encephalitis, micro-vascular infarcts, brain bleeds, disseminated intravascular coagulopathies and sudden multi-system organ failure are just a few of the leading health issues that are being observed post vaccination by medical professional around the world.

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